BREAKING: Meet Ashley M. Jones—the first Black Poet Laureate of Alabama

ashley m. jones
Introducing the first Black Poet Laureate of Alabama! Photo via Ashley M. Jones’ Facebook

Ashley M. Jones, a Birmingham poet and teacher, was just named the next Poet Laureate for Alabama—making her the first Black poet to recieve this title in the state. Keep reading for all the details. 

Alabama’s new Poet Laureate

Ashley jones, first black poet laureate of Alabama
History is still being made in The Magic City. Photo via Ashley M. Jones’ Facebook

Known by many as the founder of The Magic City Poetry Festival Ashley M. Jones was recently announced as the first Black Poet Laureate for Alabama and the youngest to hold the position.

Jones was congratulated during an Alabama Writers Cooperative members meeting on Sunday.

“When I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, I made a plan for my life as a poet, and part of that plan–a big, big dream–was to serve as Alabama State Poet Laureate. I’m so honored to serve my home state as an ambassador, advocate, and as a lover of poetry and all the people who write it, read it, and find new magic from it in this life. I have dedicated my life so far to making poetry accessible to all, to celebrating everyone’s voice, and working to eliminate gatekeeping in our industry. I’m so excited to spend the next four years helping to make Alabama poets and poetry radiate here at home and beyond.”

Ashley M. Jones, Teacher, Alabama School of Fine Arts

As the Poet Laureate of Alabama, Jones will serve a four-year term as an ambassador of poetry and make appearances at schools, universities, and libraries.

To learn more about Ashley

Jones was a guest editor of Poetry Magazine for this year’s May, June and July/August issues. She is also a teacher at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and author.

She released two books of poetry including:

  • Magic City Gospel
  • Dark // Thing

Her third book “Reparations Now!” will be released September 7th.

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