New opening: CANVAS brings art + home goods to Homewood

CANVAS by Carrie Pittman Hill
Your new go-to home goods store. Photo via Carrie Pittman Hill

Decorating your new home or apartment? Get ready to check out Homewood’s newest retail art and home goods store— CANVAS by Carrie Pittman Hill. We spoke with the artist behind the store to see why this will be a must-visit spot. See what you can expect + make plans to attend the grand opening on Tuesday, August 3.

Carrie Pittman Hill adds fine art to Homewood

Carrie’s art journey began seven years ago as a creative outlet. While she was doing well in her job as a financial advisor, she missed the creativity and self-expression of painting. She started painting during her free time, but that hobby quickly grew into a successful business.

“I never expected to sell anything or for anyone to see any of my work. I just loved how painting made me feel.”

Carrie Pittman Hill

Three years later, Carrie decided to pursue painting as a full-time job. She’s worked with clients to create works of art that add life to their space through canvases, handbags, pillows, wallpaper and more. Plus, you may have seen her pieces in outlets like Better Homes & Gardens and HGTV.

A new home in Homewood

CANVAS by Carrie Pittman Hill in Homewood
Get excited for CANVAS behind the Valley Hotel. Photo via Carrie Pittman Hill

CANVAS by Carrie Pittman Hill will be in a prime location in Homewood near the Valley Hotel and favorite spots like Edgar’s Bakery and the Little Donkey.

“I love the charm of Homewood. It feels like a young, sophisticated part of Birmingham without being exclusive.”

Carrie Pittman Hill

CANVAS’s grand opening is on Tuesday, August 3

CANVAS by Carrie Pittman Hill
The perfect pieces to complete your home. Photo via Carrie Pittman Hill

At CANVAS, you’ll be able to find Carrie’s paintings in prices ranging from $30 to $5,000. Plus, you can find home goods from other independent makers:

“CANVAS wasn’t necessarily planned—it’s kind of popped up organically which is super exciting. I moved into a new house two months ago and started noticing the elements that created beauty.

I thought about opening a space with my work and having the things that I love that make a lifestyle. That’s what makes me super excited about CANVAS—meeting people and sharing those things with them.”

Carrie Pittman Hill
  • Location: 1818 28th St. S Homewood, AL
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10AM-2PM | Saturday 10AM-4PM
  • Grand Opening: Tuesday, August 3
  • Website | Instagram | Facebook

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