Shipt new dietary preference feature makes shopping even easier

Shipt makes online grocery shopping even easier with a new feature
The grocery store brought right to your door! Photo via Shipt

Whether you have dietary restrictions, are eating cleaner, or are simply a picky-eater, Shipt’s newest feature is for you. Keep reading to learn how Shipt has revolutionized online grocery shopping across the nation with a new “dietary preferences” feature.  

Shipt (you know that Birmingham-based grocery delivery service with the skyscraper downtown) has launched a dietary preferences feature. 

How does it work?

Using this new feature is easy as “the snap”. Simply tap the “dietary preferences” banner at the top of your homepage and select your choices. Options include vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and more to meet your families’ various dietary requirements. With 20 labels and over 400,000 products across over a hundred stores, you’re sure to find plenty of items to fit your needs.

Screenshot of phone screen showing Shipt dietary preferences menu
So many options! Photo via Shipt

“This feature helps customers easily use Shipt while maintaining their lifestyle preferences,”

Karl Varsanyi, Chief Experience & Product Officer at Shipt

How can this help me?

According to Food Industry Association, 82% of shoppers look for specific health-rated dietary labels or diet items while shopping. Shipt is the first to make looking for these options easy nationwide. As customers build their shopping lists, Shipt boosts items matching customers’ dietary preferences helping them find items to match their health and lifestyle needs.

Now then, as we all know sometimes items are out of stock but don’t fret. Dietary preferences are visible to Shipt shoppers so if your gluten-free cupcakes are unavailable, your shopper will know to substitute them for another gluten-free dessert.

Woman in Shipt T-shirt using cellphone to take a picture of a tomato.
Shipt shoppers are the best! Photo via Shipt

“We know that Shipt Shoppers are the gateway to personalization and Shipt’s new dietary preferences feature helps them get to know customers better and make that personalization even stronger.” 

Karl Varsanyi, Chief Experience & Product Officer- Shipt

If you aren’t already a Shipt member, what are you waiting for? Visit or download the Shipt app to get started. You’ll have your gluten-free cupcakes at your door in no time.

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