Breaking: Shelby County Humane Society temporarily closes due to Parvo exposure

Shelby Humane experiences Parvo exposure. Photo via Shelby Humane’s Facebook

While there are many things that pets love to share with each other, Parvo should not be one of them. In the past month. Shelby County Humane Society detected multiple Parvo cases in their shelter within the past month and are doing their best to stop the spread. They will be closed until Tuesday, July 6 to deep clean and closely monitor the health of their pets.

What is Parvo?

As a contagious virus in dogs, Canine Parvovirus spreads via direct or indirect contact with their feces. Left untreated, mortality can reach up to 91% in untreated cases. Don’t worry, they make a vaccine for that!

However, no need to fret. Parvo is impossible to transmit to humans— only dogs can transmit it to each other. Cats are unable to contract it as well, so all of Shelby County Humane Society’s kitties are perfectly safe.

Where do I go for adoptions or other services?

Luckily, the Central Alabama region has got you covered. With resources located around the area, you can be sure that all of your needs have already been covered.

1. Greater Birmingham Humane Society

2. Humane Society Pet Rescue and Adoption Center

3. PetSmart Alabaster

Shelby County Humane Society is making their shelter a safe place for their animals and is focused on making their shelter parvo-free. While this stops the activities in the shelter, it can’t completely stop the work of Shelby Humane. Their regularly scheduled programs can continue serving the public.

Treating a puppy with Parvo costs upwards of $500, so please consider making a donation today. Visit the Shelby County Humane Society here for more information.

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