Kitten rescued by big-hearted passerby on I-20 junction in Birmingham

Photo via Cameron Justin Rubin

In an incredible rescue, a pint-sized kitten managed to survive one of the busiest highways in Birmingham thanks to a local passerby, flashing lights and a random blue bucket.

On June 8, during a typical daily scroll through Facebook, I happened upon a darling photo of a kitten no larger than the palm of a hand. My first instinct was to stop and smile. But my heart nearly exploded when I discovered more about this little feline.

According to the original Facebook post by Cameron Justin Rubin, he found the kitten in the middle of I-20 in downtown Birmingham on top of the bridge by the BJCC. Yikes!

If you’ve driven on this section of I-20, you know it’s one of the busiest junctions in Birmingham, filled with speeding cars and nonstop traffic. A person walking along this section of roadway would struggle to remain safe, so just imagine a pint-sized kitten’s chance of survival.

Rubin made the quick decision to stop traffic in hopes of rescuing the kitten.

It wasn’t your typical traffic stop either. As owner of a towing service in Moody, Rubin’s pickup truck was equipped with emergency lights, which he used to help stop traffic and save the kitten.

“By luck there was a blue bucket that had blown out of somebody’s truck and the cat ran and hid inside it. Otherwise, it probably would have run into the road.”

Cameron Justin Rubin

While Rubin stated in his Facebook post that he was unable to keep the kitten himself, he did find the perfect name for it—Junction. 

Junction’s purring happy

Photo via Cameron Justin Rubin

Less than a week after the amazing kitten rescue, Rubin updated his original post with the latest news on Junction. 

According to the post, Junction the Kitten spent some time at the vet post-rescue. During the appointment, Junction was said to be six weeks old and female. She also had her first round of kitten shots and was given a flea bath. 

It didn’t take long for this sweet kitten to find her furever home, either. While there were countless comments online from locals across the Greater Birmingham Area who offered to step up and care for Junction, only one lucky person was able to keep her.

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