5 reasons you’ll want to visit Tupelo, MS this summer—including Elvis Presley’s birthplace


Tupelo Hardware Co sunset
Imagine seeing this sunset… in real life. Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

If you’re anything like me, the summer months inspire you to make vacay plans every other week. Nearby Tupelo, Mississippi is the perfect spot to make memories with colorful murals adorning the streets, innovative dishes at restaurants across town and warm smiles from everyone you pass. Check out these inspiring experiences over the summer and get to know Tupelo like a local.

1. Live the journey that changed music forever

Tupelo, Mississippi birthplace of Elvis
Music lovers, you don’t want to miss this. Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

Want to trace the steps of the King of Rock & Roll? Now you can by following Tupelo’s three-day itinerary, which starts at Elvis Presley’s birthplace. Elvis was born in East Tupelo and, thankfully for music buffs, his mom gave him a guitar from Tupelo Hardware Company for his 11th birthday.

Ready to plan your trip? Visit Tupelo, MS has all the info you need to get started.

2. Taste the flavors of tomorrow

Tupelo, Mississippi food trucks
Did someone say tacos? Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

Foodies, this one’s for you. Tupelo’s been building a reputation for its thriving food scene. Local chefs are constantly upping the bar when it comes to creativity, flavor and locally sourced dishes. With gorgeous summer temperatures, you’ll also get to experience Tupelo’s outdoor dining scene at its best. Need some inspiration to get you started? Check out a few local favorites, including:

3. See Tupelo through the eyes of an artist + take fun photos you’ll love to share

Tupelo, Mississippi mural
The Chickasaw Heritage Mural. Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

Murals play an important role in Tupelo—each one telling a story about the people and moments that make the town what it is today. If you want to check out the best murals Tupelo, Mississippi has to offer, we’ve got ya covered.

4. Enjoy live music + find your new favorite bands

Tupelo live music
Friday night plans, anyone? Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

Of course, music is an important part of Tupelo, Mississippi. The people behind Tupelo’s music scene help others succeed *and* make sure you have a great time on your visit. Adam Morgan, the owner of the iconic venue Blue Canoe, supports regional musicians. Plus, head to Romie’s Grocery, another local venue with all kinds of live music, from country to blues. No matter when you visit, you’ll have entertainment options.Tupelo boasts live music every day of the week in one of their 13 live music venues.

5. Travel through time and learn from history

F. W. Woolworth Tupelo sign
Learn more about Tupelo’s history. Photo via Visit Tupelo, MS

Your trip won’t be complete without taking time to reflect and learn. Take a walk through history on trails that tell the stories of the Chickasaw Nation, the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement in Tupelo and Lee County. You’ll see amazing tales of courage and get a firsthand look at how the people who call Tupelo home strive to make better tomorrows.

Ready to book your trip to Tupelo, Mississippi? Visit Tupelo has all the resources you need on their website.

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