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Feast catering - man holding burger
Bringing Birmingham’s best burgers to you. Photo via Feast

Picture this: you’re planning a big meeting for your office and the only thing missing is a meal from your go-to Birmingham restaurants. Skip the stress (and the constant phone calls) by placing your order with Birmingham-based Feast. Here’s how.

Wait. What’s Feast?

Fill up on this—Feast is a Birmingham catering connector for customers and restaurants. From your mouth to Feast’s ears, the team makes it easier than ever to get catering orders delivered.

Feast knows that food is an important part of… well, everything. No one likes to be hungry after a long morning shift or an exciting athletic event, right? That’s why Feast’s founders wanted to create a way to make placing catering orders as easy as a simple click.

Brett Ables and Erin Hill have spent years in the restaurant industry, so they know their stuff. They sandwiched the biz between their passion for food and knowledge of the industry to connect people with amazing restaurants.

Birmingham’s culinary scene has something for everyone—even your pickiest team members—and Feast will make it easier to get favorite dishes from local restaurants onto your table or into your conference room. Want to know how? We’ve got you covered.

Ordering is easy as pie 🥧

Feast is customer *and* restaurant-friendly. Brett and Erin are using their years of experience to make a Birmingham catering connector that delivers Magic City meals to customers’ tables without any stress.

Restaurants get a hassle-free catering process

Brett Ables, Feast Birmingham catering
Brett Ables’ years of experience in the restaurant industry will make catering better. Photo via Feast

Feast is there to make the whole catering process hassle-free for restaurants, from developing catering menus to the delivery process. Feast handles ordering on their site and manages pickup and delivery. They also provide a call center for customers who prefer to discuss options and can answer any questions at

If that isn’t enough, they also market restaurants through their website—without taking a huge cut of the profits. This is a win for Birmingham restaurants and customers alike.

With Feast, struggling local restaurants can cater their way back to profitability and job creation. Customers are hungry to support local and choose convenience—now they can have both!

“So many people order catering daily but don’t have the time to research what restaurants are available to them. We’re giving customers one convenient location to place catering orders from a variety of restaurants, while also giving them the ability to SUPPORT LOCAL!”

Erin Hill, Co-Founder/Creative Director, Feast

Already sound like a great option for your business meetings and events? Sign up to join Feast today.

Customers enjoy an intuitive platform + easy Birmingham catering delivery

Feast - Hattie's Hot Chicken spread
Meetings made better with Bham’s food. Photo via Feast

Placing a Birmingham catering order with Feast is easier than swinging by the drive-through. No need to keep up with restaurant phone numbers or coordinate picking up food in your already full schedule. Here’s how to order:

  1. Enter your zip code on their website
  2. Choose a local restaurant
  3. Pick your menu + schedule a catering order

Bonus—when you place your orders online, you’ll learn more about local restaurants, their stories and their catering services.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to get perks and rewards to your favorite local digs when you place your orders via Feast. More rewards + less frustration = happy customers.

“One of the most exciting things about Feast is how much time it will save for customers who have to order catering frequently. We strategically partnered with just the right amount of restaurants to give our customers options, while not overwhelming them. They can mix it up but still shop all in one place.

Plus, they get rewarded. We are building a very unique rewards platform for our customers to make it a bit more exciting for them. Way less hassle, and way more rewards. We want our customers to feel like we built Feast just for them.”

Brett Ables, Founder & CEO of FEAST

Feast features your favorite Magic City restaurants so you’ll have plenty of options, including:

“The most important thing to us when we order catering is CONVENIENCE, a variety of selections and then the price. I love having the option to support local, but have found that we’re mostly stuck with chain pizza restaurants. That gets old.”

Wade Jones, Medical Representative, Orders Catering Almost Daily

So who does Feast CATER to?

Feast catering website
Go ahead and bookmark Feast’s website. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

No matter what you do, we’ll bet you’re pretty busy and don’t have hours to spend looking through catering options or driving to different restaurants. Feast is the perfect option for anyone who wants to take the hassle out of making catering orders, whether they’re for professional meetings or lunch breaks or providing our healthcare workers with something new. Here are a few people who could benefit from Feast:

  • Professionals ordering for large corporate offices
  • Medical reps
  • Hospital department managers
  • Schools and universities
  • Athletic programs
  • Busy Birminghamians everywhere!

“The biggest thing I could ask for in terms of catering would be one-stop shopping.  I don’t want to have to keep up with the numbers of 15 different people and 15 different caterers. I would like to call one person and say ‘hey, this is what I need and when I need it.’” 

Monica Nix, UAB Department Head

Each day is hectic enough as it is. Feast will take care of coordinating and delivering your orders to large events and meetings so you can spend less time on the back-and-forth and more time getting your work done.

Feast ❤️s supporting the Bham community + its foodies

Hero Doughnuts and Saw's BBQ for Feast
Make meetings a lot more fun with a spread like this. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Feast is coming to life because its founders love Birmingham and all of the hard workers in the restaurant industry. We know our Bham Now readers want to support local—now it’s even easier with Feast.

If you’re getting ready for a summer of more in-person events and meetings, you’ll want to use Feast. You’ve got enough on your plate—Feast will make sure it’s full of delicious food and none of the stress.

Want to Feast on this new catering connector? Follow along on Facebook and Instagram or reach out at 205.335.1000. Plus, see which of your favorite restaurants are already signed up.

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