ABC World News showcased Ashville, AL’s Go-Kot Camping Cots in Made in USA Special

Go-Kot’s cot on mountains. Photo via Go-Kot’s Facebook

Go-Kot made their way on the big screen as ABC World News Tonight recently featured their company. Keep reading for more information.

About Go-Kot

Go-Kot’s Premium Cot. Photo via Go-Kot’s Facebook

Go-Kot, America’s Finest Cot, is an Ashville based company that makes cots. The special thing about this company is that all of their materials are made in America.

The company was founded in 1978 and prides itself on producing, as they say, the most durable cot on the market. However, the owner, Teresa Downing, said she was looking to make an American made product than simply cots.

Go-Kot manufactures both its products and sources its materials in the United States. The fabrics come from Florida, California and New Jersey while the hardware comes from a seller in California and the packaging boxes from Alabama.

On Screen w/ ABC

Their cots are perfect for your puppies. Photo via Go-Kot’s Facebook

ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir featured Go-Kot on their ‘Camping Essentials from companies made in America’ segment.

The segment included a man from Wisconsin whose parents purchased one of the cots in the mid 1980s that he still uses now, 35 years later.

Also, Teresa and Mike Downing were seen on-screen showing the full cot-creating process.

Additional info

Logo. Photo via Go-Kot’s Facebook

Downing said she and her husband took over the brand four years ago after the original owner retired and she is glad that they had the opportunity to buy an amazing American brand. Especially, with the couple being military veterans.

“We feel like not enough products are made here in America anymore, my husband has always said we need to manufacture something here in America, I don’t care if we manufacture ball bearings, something needs to be made here in America.”

Teresa Downing, Owner of Go-Kot

Also, the company continued providing jobs in Alabama through the height of the pandemic and they received a lot of support from their follow Americans.

Do you want to use a Go-Kot cot for your camping trip? Visit their website here.

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