NEW: These partnerships are making Birmingham better for children + others through nonprofit work


Junior League of Birmingham
Junior League of Birmingham volunteers give back to the city. Photo via Junior League of Birmingham

Local nonprofits make Birmingham a brighter place for all, but they can’t do it alone. That’s why the Junior League of Birmingham (JLB) partners with organizations to support them with funding and volunteers. The JLB is a local organization of 2,200 members who contribute more than 55,000 hours of service annually—WOW. They partner with local nonprofits and organizations on more than 30 projects to provide direct support and target critical issues. Get the details on the three new nonprofits that the JLB is supporting in 2021.

3 new ways the Junior League of Birmingham is making a difference in the Magic City

Raise your hand if the last 14 months left you longing for a chance to get involved and give back. Yeah, me too. JLB members know just how important giving back is—after all, they’ve been making Birmingham brighter for almost 100 years.

“At the Junior League of Birmingham, we’re extremely intentional about each of our placements and seek to make the greatest and most valuable impact on the Birmingham community possible. We’re looking forward to continuing to serve our returning partners, as well as having the opportunity to cultivate relationships with new organizations.”

Laura Bartlett, JLB Community Vice President

Birmingham Talks

  • What: Birmingham Talks is a free citywide program that focuses on building lifetime literacy. They work with babies from birth to three years old to foster early brain development.
  • Why it’s important: Early childhood literacy sets children on the path to success.
  • Contact: Website | Facebook

STAIR of Birmingham

  • What: STAIR of Birmingham gives free books to Birmingham city students from pre-K to second grade. 
  • Why it’s important: Three out of four Birmingham students are unable to reach reading benchmarks, so STAIR’s “Read Better Dream Bigger” tutoring program empowers students through one-on-one tutoring.
  • Contact: Website | Facebook

Founders Place at St. Luke’s

  • What: Founders Place is a respite ministry (AKA short-term relief for primary caregivers) for adults with memory loss.
  • Why it’s important: Volunteering at Founders Place gives these adults an atmosphere of joy while giving their caregivers much-needed time to rest.
  • Contact: Website | Facebook

“In our partnership with the Junior League of Birmingham, Founders Place looks forward to having new members of the community with whom to laugh, have fellowship and form connections. Our mission is all about being in a relationship, even if our participants do not remember what was said or done after it’s over.”

Susana Whitsett, Director of Founders Place at Saint Luke’s

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A major impact on Birmingham

Junior League of Birmingham members
You can see how happy these members are to give back—even with their masks. Photo via Junior League of Birmingham

The JLB intentionally chooses placements that will have a great impact on both the nonprofits and JLB members. Their projects reflect four impact areas to broaden their reach:

  • Education & Culture
  • Economic Security & Financial Stability
  • Health & Wellness
  • Safety & Crisis

Why? They know that each of these areas are important for building a better Birmingham.

“During 2020, the League members staffed the Tarrant Mobile Pantry every third Saturday of each month, serving 200 households each month. In addition, they also provide funding for diapers that are distributed through our 260 agencies. This is a great need in the community and these funds are vital to providing this service.”

Nicole Williams, Director of Development, Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

No matter where they’re volunteering, members of the JLB find joy in serving those around them.

“At the Junior League of Birmingham, our mission is building partnerships for a better Birmingham, and we demonstrate that through each and every one of our placements in the community. Our heart as an organization is to touch and impact every aspect of the Birmingham community possible.”

Toni Leeth, JLB President

Find out more through the Junior League of Birmingham’s website and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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