Cat-n-Bird Winery gives Chelsea a new place to wine down.

Try these selections! Photo via Cat-n-bird Winery on Facebook

Shelby County’s Cat-n-Bird winery plans to expand with a new pavilion. The winery’s growth gives the perfect excuse to grab a glass (or two). Keep reading to learn more about the expansion.

It’s always wine o’clock at Cat-n-Bird Winery.

Photo via Cat-n-Bird on Instagram

Cat-n-Bird is a winery started by Matt and Robyn Lyons, that offers tastings and cheese pairing, the ability to host private or public events and serves as a beautiful venue for your wedding.

It internationally imports grapes and juice from vineyards all around the world. The wide selection of international wines has caused their business to grow, rapidly.

Cat-n-Bird’s business hours are 12-6PM on Saturdays or by appointment.

Cat-n-Bird Winery spreads their wings with new expansion.

cat-n-bird winery
Photo via Cat-n-bird Winery Facebook

As the community inches back toward normal, businesses are getting back in the swing of things. One of those businesses is Cat-n-Bird Winery. The winery’s wine sales have increased. Calls for reservations for weddings and private events have been back to back. Owner, Matt Lyons, said activity in the tasting room increased during business hours. This led to the expansion idea.

cat-n-bird winery rendering
Photo via Cat-n-Bird Winery’s website

Lyons plans to add a pavilion large enough to seat 175 guests. He said the expansion allows them to be COVID-19 conscious by spreading their guests out. Also, it allows room for larger weddings and concerts.

Chelsea City Council supports the expansion with the possibility of providing $2,000 to help with development and construction costs. Lyons was thankful for the support from the county.

We care where we are supposed to be, and the support from the community has been amazing.

Co-owner of Cat-n-Bird Winery, Matt Lyons

The pavilion is set to be completed early this summer and is now under construction. Chelsea is growing more each day. Take a look at our guide to Chelsea, AL for more food, fun, and adventure.

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