See art & poetry by local students at The Green Book Project, April 29

Jefferson County Memorial Project
A sixth-grade student at Bush Hills STEAM Academt presenting her poem on camera. Photo via Joi Brown for the Jefferson County Memorial Project

Over the past semester, sixth-grade students at Bush Hills STEAM Academy have created original artwork and poetry centered around The Green Book, a hallmark of the Jim Crow era. Here’s how you can learn more and tune in to the unveiling of their work on Thursday, April 29th.

What is The Green Book Project?

The Green Book
The Green Book. Photo via Wikipedia

From 1936 to 1966, The Negro Motorist Green Book—or, The Green Book—was used by African-American travelers as a guide to friendly establishments throughout the Jim Crow Era. Written & published by Victor Hugo Green, The Green Book eventually covered the entireity of the United States, listing out hotels, restaurants, gas stations, retail outlets and more that would serve African-American customers.

As part of a collaborative project between the Greater Birmingham Arts Education Collaborative (GBAEC), Bush Hills STEAM Academy and the Jefferson County Memorial Project (JCMP), sixth-grade students have been hard at work creating artwork and poetry around The Green Book.

During the project, students worked with GBAEC teaching artist Jahman Hill to create poems and their own versions of covers for The Green Book, while focusing on tenets of advocacy, empathy and self-advocacy. The project was made possible through grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

“We are thrilled to collaborate for a second year with Bush Hills STEAM Academy, Jefferson County Memorial Project, and the Alabama State Council on the Arts for The Green Book Project. This collaboration is an affirmation of the magic that is created when schools, the arts, and the community work together to support students. These collaborations give students opportunities to engage in the creative process, build personal connection with their studies, and express their voices. Thank you, Bush Hills STEAM Academy community and our partners, for being leaders that are embracing the power of the arts and what they mean for the future.”

Deanna Sirkot, Executive Director, Greater Birmingham Arts Education Collaborative

Tune in to The Green Book Project on April 29th at 6PM

Jefferson County Memorial Project
Sixth-graders at Bush Hills STEAM Academy will present their art tomorrow via live-stream. Photo via Joi Brown for the Jefferson County Memorial Project

Want to see the art and poetry of the Bush Hills STEAM Academy students? You’re in luck. The students will be presenting their work on a live-stream event hosted by the JCMP and GBAEC on Thursday, April 29th at 6PM. You can tune in to the live-stream on the JCMP’s Facebook page, and view their art on the JCMP website after the presentation.

“Our students are extremely engaged. The cross-curricular approach with social studies, visual arts and also bringing in English with poetry is really the kind of approach we strive for because we’re a STEAM school. We’re excited about the project and look forward to more great things from this partnership.”

Dr. Ashley Samuels, Principal, Bush Hills STEAM Academy

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