Alabama Symphony Orchestra offers free Cinematic Strings concert, beginning Friday, April 23

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Alabamy Symphony Orchestra
Cellist Hellen Weberpal. Photo via Alabamy Symphony Orchestra

When a pandemic causes live concerts and performances to stop in their tracks, what do you do? Pouting is one option, sure. The other is to experience live performances virtually. So head to your favorite listening spot in your home, turn up the volume and be swept away with Alabama Symphony Orchestra‘s Spring Serenades concert series, now-June 2021. Psst! It’s free.

  • What: Alabama Symphony Orchestra’s Spring Serenades concert series
  • When: Now-June 2021
  • Watch here

Music lovers, prepare to be engaged

ASO Principal POPS! Conductor Chris Confessore. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Over the past year, Alabama Symphony Orchestra created innovative projects to expand live music accessibility through virtual programs designed to engage music lovers across Alabama and beyond.

Their most recent virtual program is the Spring Serenades concert series. Streaming now through June 2021 via ASO’s website, it offers access to a number of exciting concerts, each featuring ASO artists and conductors performing in socially distanced ensembles.

Each concert is available for viewing for a limited time only, so be sure to mark your calendar, set an alarm or whatever it takes so you ensure you tune in while it’s available.

Watch the Spring Serenades concert series here.

Movie buffs, this concert’s for you

Acting Principal Viola Zakaria Enikeev. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra

In BC (before COVID) times, ASO performed some pretty cool movie-themed concert series. Harry Potter and Star Wars were two you may remember. Both were standout performances by the way.

Well, I have awesome news. As part of the Spring Serenades concert series, ASO will stream Cinematic Strings, Conducted by Chris Confessore, from Friday, April 23 through Sunday, May 2.

The virtual concert features selections from some of the most popular movies of all time like Beauty and the Beast, Pyscho, Titanic and more.

To watch Cinematic Strings and more virtual programs from the Spring Serenades concert series, click here.

Your heart will go on (and on) for ASO when you learn this next part. Are you ready?

To make performance accessible to all, virtual performances are free to stream. You can thank ASO and their partners EBSCO Industries and Vulcan Value Partners for the freebie, along with their incredible patrons.

Want to help ASO continue to Change Lives Through Music? Become a patron. You will have the option to give when streaming Cinematic Strings or donate here.

Are your listening ears ready?

Alabama Symphony Orchestra plays while keeping to socially distanced rules. Photo via Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Then get comfy and tune in to ASO’s upcoming virtual program Cinematic Strings, available April 23-May 2. To discover more upcoming concerts in the Spring Serenades concert series happening now through June 2021, click here.

To stay in the know on what’s happening with the ASO, check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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