Two by Two Rescue gets a helping paw from Petco Love

two by two rescue
Photo via Two by Two Rescue

Put your hands and paws together for the newly announced Petco Love program and their recent grant to Two by Two Rescue. This grant will help fund lifesaving support for animals in need in the Birmingham area.

How this helps

two by two rescue dog
Two by Two is saving pups like this cutie. Photo via Two by Two Rescue

The Petco Love $4,000 grant will provide support for Two by Two’s mission of saving animals from unnecessary euthanization and a life of suffering on the streets. The money will go towards rehabilitating dogs throughout Alabama, whether physically or temperamentally.

If these puppy pics have won you over like they have me, you can check out Two by Two Rescue to learn more about how to foster or adopt dogs like them.

Two by Two Rescue

two by two rescue dog
Who wouldn’t want this friendly face running around their home? Photo via Two by Two Rescue

 If you don’t know much about Two by Two Rescue, it’s a local nonprofit based in Helena that focuses on helping animals find new life in loving homes. The no-kill shelter rehabilitates and re-homes as many pets as possible, from dogs and cats to larger animals like horses and even pot-bellied pigs. In 2020, Two by Two took in nearly 1,000 dogs.

The Rescue got its start when Sonya King fed stray dogs in Helena and she wanted to find a way to help more animals in need. While the nonprofit has moved up from humble beginnings in 2005, the rescue continues to send volunteers to the streets of Helena to check on stray dogs.

Get involved.

Petco Love

two by two rescue
PetCo Love is helping puppies like this find furever homes. Photo via Two by Two Rescue

Formerly known as the Petco Foundation, Petco Love is a nonprofit that donates to charities and organizations across the country that help animals in need. As of today, Petco Love has given upwards of $300M to over 4,000 deserving animal rescues and organizations.

Working with Petco, this funding has given 6.5 million animals a new lease on life as they are re-homed into loving and caring situations.

Get involved.

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