3 things Mt Laurel residents love about their town + why it’s a great place to visit


Tiffany Bittner and Sarah Eddy at Mt Laurel. Photo via ARC Realty

Twenty years ago, EBSCO had a vision: an intimate community where people could enjoy an active lifestyle, surrounded by nature. For the past two decades, Mt Laurel’s residents and visitors have been living that vision. Find out what makes this New Urbanist development so special for residents and visitors alike. And if you decide you want to make it your home, ARC Realty’s Mt Laurel specialist will be happy to help you.

Mt Laurel has plenty of places to eat, shop and walk

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One of the best things about this town is how easy it is to get out and about. Photos via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

When you enter Mt Laurel from Highway 41, you’ll first notice the people. They’re with their kids, out walking their dog, or enjoying the day with a friend.

Next, you notice the places to eat. Here are just a few—any of them are perfect for a day trip.

Whether you’re looking for a spa, a boutique or a hardware store, there are plenty of shops right in Mt Laurel’s Town Center and a few nearby. There’s even a Piggly Wiggly right across Highway 41, so stocking your kitchen is simple. Especially since you can ride a golf cart under the highway to get whatever you need.

These beautiful homes look like they were “dropped from the heavens”

When developers envisioned the town, the designers wanted it to seem as if the houses had “dropped from the heavens,” said Realtor Tiffany Bittner on a recent golf cart tour of the town.

Rich earth tones, locally-harvested stones, native plants and plenty of trees all help foster the sense that you’re in the middle of the natural world.

One of my personal favorites: the dinosaur eggs—large rocks harvested from the property that look like the perfect playground.

Want to check out Mt Laurel? Reach out to Tiffany Bittner and Sarah Eddy at ARC Realty today.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water

All of the currently-built homes at Mt Laurel are on oneside of Spoonwood Lake. As you can imagine, this is a very popular place for residents and their friends. People can walk the trails or go boating year-round. When the weather’s nice, it’s the perfect place to play in the water.

Over time, there will be other homes near the lake, too.

If lake living isn’t your speed, head to the pool at Olmsted Park, another popular place to swim in Mt Laurel. It also has a playground and plenty of room for a picnic.

Find your perfect home

Tiffany Bittner and Sarah Eddy are ready to help you make Mt Laurel home. Photo via Mary Fehr for Bham Now

Sarah Eddy and Tiffany Bittner, both exclusive ARC marketing professionals for the town of Mt Laurel, know all the ins and outs of this unique community. They’ll be happy to show you everything you need to know to decide if this will be your next home.

Want to see for yourself what Mt Laurel has to offer? Contact ARC Realty today.

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