Birmingham tapped as home base for The Frontier Conference, April 13-14

Frontier Conference
Members at The Frontier Conference in 2017. Photo via The Frontier Conference

A global coalition of thought leaders and innovators has tapped Birmingham as the home for its annual gathering, The Frontier Conference. But why Birmingham? We spoke with Hank Torbert, Founder & Host of The Frontier Conference, to learn more.

About The Frontier Conference

The Frontier Conference
The Advanced Manufacturing Panel at The Frontier Conference in 2017. Photo via The Frontier Conference

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But first—what is The Frontier Conference? Founded in 2016, The Frontier Conference is an annual, two-day environment for the world’s foremost innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate and explore the changing world of energy technologies.

Some of the biggest industries in the world have experienced tremendous changes in the past decade. At The Frontier Conference, experts from around the globe will put their heads together to find innovative ways to solve obstcacles in their ever-changing industry.

The Frontier Conference
Members at The Frontier Conference in 2017. Photo via The Frontier Conference

The Frontier Conference has opportunities for people of all experience levels. Attendees will be able to network with others in their industry, learn about exciting innovations in their field and be inspired by dozens of keynote speakers, including:

  • Greg Barker — President, Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
  • John Dankanich — Chief Technologist, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Miller Girvin — Executive Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
  • Whitney Wright — Co-Founder, Athena Collective
  • Ross Wesson, Founder and CEO, Moxie IoT & DEFT Dynamics
  • And many more!

Click here to view a full list of keynote speakers at The Frontier Conference.

Why did The Frontier Conference choose Birmingham?

The Birmingham skyline. Photo via Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

To learn more about The Frontier Conference, we spoke with Hank Torbert, the Founder and Host of the conference. Hank Torbert is a private and executive investor with over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business building.

Why did The Frontier choose Birmingham as its home base?

Hank Torbert: “Birmingham is the epicenter of the industrial innovation ecosystem with all major industrial innovation sectors present. Birmingham was a natural fit for the conference because of the synergy happening here and supportive innovation ecosystem. The state of Alabama is an emerging innovation hub, and Birmingham is at the heart of it all.”

Why is The Frontier Conference important for innovators in Alabama and across the world?

Hank Torbert: “After a year that challenged our innate need to connect, we are looking forward to convening at the conference to connect and collaborate. The Frontier is a place for the world’s top innovators, thinkers, executives, visionaries, investors and entrepreneurs to dream big, exchange ideas and rethink the future of industrial innovation. We look forward to two days of opportunities for Alabama and the country’s top innovators sharing their insights and expertise.

What are you looking forward to most for this year’s conference and The Frontier’s future in Birmingham?

Hank Torbert: “Since choosing Birmingham to host the conference, we have received tremendous support from the community and innovation ecosystem. With our corporate, economic development, government and tech partners from Birmingham and across the country, we look forward to an ongoing conversation and cultivating adynamic industrial innovation ecosystem across the Southeast, continuing Alabama’s momentum as an innovation hub.”

Learn More About The Frontier Conference

The Frontier Conference
Members at The Frontier Conference in 2018. Photo via The Frontier Conference

If you want to learn more about innovative solutions in the industrial world, there’s no better place to learn than The Frontier Conference. This year, the conference will be held entirely virtually—so there’s no reason not to join.

Click here to learn more and register for The Frontier Conference, 2021.

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