MURAL ALERT: Birmingham’s new murals at Tropicaleo and Crestwood Tavern [PHOTOS]

Crestwood Tavern from the park next door
The view of the mural from the park next door is exactly what the owner Blake had in mind. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

Two new murals just popped up off of Crestwood Boulevard. You can find these additions at Tropicaleo and Crestwood Tavern. Keep reading to find out more about Birmingham’s newest murals.

Tropicaleo’s new mural is a pop of color

Flamingos, skulls and geometric shapes fill this new murals
Moses’ mural is right next to Gil of Magic City Mural’s piece. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

The artist Moses is painting a new mural at Tropicaleo. You can catch him working diligently on his newest work at the beloved Puerto Rican restaurant during the day (as long as the weather stays nice).

“I just wanted to make something funky that people can enjoy.”

Moses, artist

Moses has painted since he was sixteen, honing his craft on the side of buildings and other canvases. You may have seen his work around the city, like his addition to the collection of murals across from The Pizitz.

The current piece he is working on features bright colors, a flamingo, a skull and geometric shapes. He hopes his art can change the way people look at public spaces.

Capturing the lessons learned of 2020

Close up of Gabe and Moses togther with the mural
Proud of the latest work at Tropicaleo. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

Gabe Marrero, the owner of Tropicaleo, spoke with me about his vision behind the mural. He loves to work with local artists to enhance the community space for everyone.

The singular flamingo in the mural, and throughout the restaurant, is a nod to Puerto Rico’s only flamingo.

Roughly one hundred years ago, flamingos were native to Puerto Rico, but excessive hunting and the invasion of colonizers significantly decreased the population to just one individual flamingo.

“It has a lot of tiny aspects that reflect my experiences in Birmingham and lessons learned last year…the theme is: ‘don’t forget to love each other.'”

Gabe Marrero, owner of Tropicaleo

Another element integrated into the mural is the silhouette of a woman with various iterations representing all the minority women who are the backbones of our communities. There will also be a third eye for perception and knowledge.

The whole mural together shows customers the importance of sustainability and respecting one another.

More coming soon

Different murals on Tropicaleo's patio outside
Good food + good atmosphere. Photo via Tropicaleo’s Facebook

Gabe also told us that he has three new murals planned for the restaurant. He plans to touch up one mural and add two more.

One mural will represent Tropicaleo’s sustainability efforts. The second will show support for the Asian community. Keep an eye out for updates. 👀

Their newest one should be ready by next week, but stop by to see the progress Moses is making.

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Crestwood Tavern is in full bloom

Crestwood Tavern store front new murals
Crestwood Tavern is constantly seeking to be the best they can be. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

Crestwood Tavern’s new mural is much like Tropicaleo’s. Both are inspired by native species. Crestwood Tavern’s piece focuses on native flora in Alabama instead.

Painted by Gil of Magic City Mural Company, this eye-popping piece incorporates beautiful plants from around the city with instruments from the musicians that played at the tavern. Gil’s mural wraps around the whole building like a scavenger hunt for your eyes.

“Birmingham has its own heartbeat”

All the details on the Crestwood Tavern mural
Yes, that is a nod to Blinky the 3-eyed fish from The Simpsons. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

Owner Blake Millican was inspired by the bright murals he saw throughout the streets of New Orleans. But he did not want a carbon copy of that art, saying, “Birmingham has its own heartbeat.”

That is why he envisioned the mural with flowering plants set against the city skyline and trailing around the instruments.

“Birmingham is our home. We want to live in the coolest city in the world.”

Blake Millican, owner of Crestwood Tavern
Crestwood Tavern doors new murals
As a BSC alumna, can’t help but notice the ginkgo leaves. Photo via Cheyenne Trujillo for Bham Now

When I stopped in earlier to take photos, Blake and Beck Hall (from Beck Hall Music) were working on adding a new speaker system to provide the best quality live performances.

Crestwood Tavern welcomes everyone to see their new mural.

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