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Learn things you never knew about The Magic City during Vulcan Park & Museum’s Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Ready for an adventure? Then slip on those sneakers and take an exciting step into Birmingham’s unique history during Vulcan Park and Museum’s Birmingham Walking Tours. Beginning in April, more tours will be offered than ever before with up to 40 opportunities for you to experience the program. Continue reading for a peek into the cool places you’ll visit and the incredible things you’ll discover. Can’t wait? Register now.

Where do the Birmingham Walking Tours lead?

Vulcan Park & Museum
You’ll learn all sorts of cool things during Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

The answer is to some of Birmingham’s most historical and up-and-coming areas. Here are just some of the places you’ll discover:

Center Street/Dynamite Hill

The first Birmingham Walking Tour of spring/summer 2021 kicks off the weekend of April 10 and 11 on Center Street/Dynamite Hill—an area of Birmingham that played a prominent role in civil rights history. In fact, the area is designated as an official part of the Civil Rights Tour. 

During this tour, you’ll learn the important work of those in the Center Street neighborhood, the effects of redlining and the conditions that changed both the neighborhood and future of Birmingham.

Five Points South

Journey along one of the state’s most diverse and walkable neighborhoods—Five Points South. With a focus on livability and a family-friendly atmosphere, this Walking Tour gives a glimmer into the history and charm of Birmingham. 

Historic Retail/Theater District

Step into the spotlight of “Birmingham’s Broadway”. This Walking Tour highlights the city’s once booming business/theatre hub that was home to more than 70 theatre and playhouses. 

You’ll also discover famous old departments stores like Pizitz, Loveman’s, and Parisian where Birminghamians once flocked for all of their high-end shopping. 

But that’s not all!

Vulcan Park & Museum
Which Birmingham Walking Tour will you choose? Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

There are many more places to discover throughout The Magic City during the Birmingham Walking Tours. Be on the lookout for other upcoming tours that feature some of the most up-and-coming areas, such as:

  • Forest Park: an area developed in 1907 that was designated for mining
  • Loft District: one of the most historically relevant places in the city that’s rich in beautiful architecture and historic buildings
  • Woodlawn: a once farming community that’s become one of Birmingham’s fastest growing neighborhoods

Are you ready to discover things you never knew about The Magic City? Register here to participate in a Birmingham Walking Tour with Vulcan Park and Museum.

Event Details + Safety

Vulcan Park and Museum, Walking Tours
Do you know the history behind this home in Birmingham? Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Before you sign up for a Birmingham Walking Tour, check here for the full list of upcoming tours. When you find one that sparks your excitement, sign up. The day of your tour, you’ll meet your tour guide and other event participants at a designated spot. Here are some details to note:

Length of Walking Tour: 2-2.5 hours
Distance Walked: About 1.5-2.5 miles
Ticket Price: Members – $25 | General Admission – $40

To keep all walking Tour participants safe, the following guidelines are in place until further notice:

  • All routes are checked for hazards and carefully planned to avoid safety issues
  • Social distancing is enforced
  • Masks are required by all participants
  • Max of 20 participants per tour

Meet the Tour Guides

Who will be guiding you on the Birmingham Walking Tours? Some of Birmingham’s most knowledge:

  • Gary Bostany: lifelong resident of Five Points South, Bostany purchased and restored the area’s historic Warwick Manor Apartments. He has also served as president of the Five Points South Neighborhood Association for 10 years and has volunteered with Vulcan Park Foundation for over 20 years.
  • Brian “Voice” Porter Hawkins: writer, poet, orator and consultant, Hawkins wears many hats in Birmingham. He is currently vice president of We Are Rtists (WAR), an organization that facilitates collaboration between artists and seeks to educate them in the business of art and director of The Color Project Ensley which address torn sidewalks, vacant buildings and empty lots and nurtures the social, mental and physical health of Ensley’s 10K residents.
  • Allison Vosicky: a registered architect and associate at Birchfield Penuel & Associates, Vosicky is a member of The Alabama Center for Architecture and serves on multiple AIA Birmingham committees. She also volunteers with The Junior League of Birmingham and is the founder of Ladies Wine Design Birmingham. 

Birmingham Walking Tours begin in April. To check out the full list of tours, click here and register.

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