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Ryan Robinett
Ryan Robinett started Multiply to help sales teams thrive. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Birmingham-based Ryan Robinett was a leader in IT professional-services firms for 18 years before starting Multiply in 2018. The goal? To help other companies succeed through rocking their sales. We caught up with Ryan to find out how it’s going, two years in, and to learn more about the new app Multiply has created to support sales teams everywhere.

Meet Ryan Robinett

Ryan Robinett fishing
Ryan Robinett with a big fish in South Florida. Photo via Ryan Robinett

When he’s not out fishing, Ryan Robinett’s busy figuring out ways to translate his hard-won sales expertise into systems that help companies scale.

Born and raised in Mountain Brook, Robinett is both an Auburn grad and a UAB grad. And, he’s married to Ashley and is the father of two kids.

  • Favorite place: in the woods of Greene County
  • Favorite watering hole: Local 39
  • Annual trip: camping and fishing trips in the swamps of Louisiana
  • Favorite quarantine activity: fishing. He also tolerates playing multiple rounds of Phase 10 with his family.

Meet Multiply

Ryan Robinett and a client
Robinett and a client at Forge pre-COVID. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Multiply is a Birmingham-based startup that was born out of Robinett’s nearly two decades’ worth of experiences as an IT consultant where he discovered that things that are sold well generally end well. As a leader, Robinett learned that the process of scaling a business meant preparing people to sell well. 

The premise: Good salespeople (and teams) are made, not born.

Multiply: what it is

Multiply logo
Multiply. Graphic via Multiply

Multiply is an approach to sales that’s built on the premise that sales don’t just happen and that the “best” salesperson won’t magically walk through the door. Every salesperson, regardless of their background and experience, needs to learn a set of teachable skills from their company. In other words, when a company understands why someone buys from them, they can then help their sales team succeed.

Multiply has had great success as a services firm working with the largest companies in Alabama, as well as with some of the smallest stretching west to Colorado and east to North Carolina.  

What’s New?

screen view
You just have to sign up to get started. Graphic via Multiply

When Robinett left the IT consulting world, he never intended to get back into IT.  But he couldn’t escape his IT mindset. So when he saw a gap in the market, he identified new ways to engage with clients and. With the help of IT consultants, he built the Multiply Application and released it in January 2021.  

The Multiply App: what it is

The application provides an easy way for Multiply to deliver services. It gives clients a lightweight, business-oriented, and inexpensive framework to set up and evolve their messaging. And, it allows clients to manage and measure the performance of their sales team.  

The Multiply App: what it’s not

The Multiply application is not a rehash of CRM (customer relationship management). 

There are plenty of tools that track sales activity. This is not one of them. Instead, Multiply complements existing CRM tools.

The Multiply application takes the guesswork out of how the sales team members will perform when they have the encounters that are tracked using CRM. 

Who should use Multiply

Multiply is for large and small companies that are looking to stand up a sales team or get more out of the team that they have. 

Check out case study summaries showing how Multiply’s approach works with companies of all sizes. These include research institutions, web-based publishers, general contractors and SaaS-based startups. 

Why it matters

How Multiply works. Graphic via Multiply

“All too often, companies ‘hire and hope’ that their sales team members will work out successfully. Then they become frustrated when some perform well and others don’t.

Multiply eliminates the common assumption that ‘we hired the best sales person, so they should know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.’”

Ryan Robinett, Founder, Multiply

If you want to invest in your sales team, you can engage Multiply through their services or you can sign up for the Multiply app for $15/month per user. 

Want to learn more about Multiply? Head over to their website to contact them or request a demo today.

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