A look at Woodlawn’s new innovative space for local creatives

Woodlawn Mural
This mural was designed with and painted by the community in Woodlawn. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Birmingham bursts with artistic talents. One thing every creative needs is a space to explore their creativity and design. Birmingham’s Woodlawn community is offering a space for local artists to do just that. Let’s meet Commonplace, shall we?

A look into Commonplace

Commonplace Birmingham
A peek into the Commonplace facility. Photo via REV Birmingham

Ever been in a creative slump, but as soon as you surround yourself with other innovative people and ideals, the ideas come pouring out? If you answered yes and are a local artists, let me introduce you to Commonplace.

Commonplace is a 3,000 square foot space in Woodlawn that serves as a communal studio for local artists. We’re not just talking painters either. Whether you’re into photography, crafting, design or everything in between, Commonplace can serve as an inspiring studio space.

Owner, Jared Fulton, created Commonplace to hold up to 10 local creatives. His goal is to provide an environment where creators can be showcased, host community-related events and give like-minded people the opportunity to work in an affordable studio space.

Commonplace is an open gallery layout and offers the option for artists to rent out a space and full access to the woodworking shop.

Fulton is no stranger to the Woodlawn neighborhood. He strategically chose this area due to its history, people and potential.

“I cherish the establishments that bring both sides of Birmingham together and ‘blend the lines’. Woodlawn has been very successful in doing this.”

Jared Fulton, Owner of Commonplace, for REV Birmingham

Open in Woodlawn

Woodlawn Birmingham
Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

It’s entreprenuers like Jared Fulton that are continuing to bring vibrancy to the Woodlawn neighborhood and exactly what the Open in Woodlawn initiative is looking for.

Open in Woodlawn is an initiative from Woodlawn Urban Main, a partnership between REV Birmingham and Woodlawn Foundation. It helps identify potential nurturing ideas and bridges the gap between existing businesses and future entrepreneurs. The mission is to make meaningful, intentional business introductions to the community.

“[We hope that Woodlawn is] a place where residents have a voice in their community and take pride in its growth. A neighborhood of community-minded people working together to enhance not only our community but showing people what it means to be a neighbor. A place where our legacy business owners are supported and thriving in addition to new business owners who don’t just start here but find their place! 

Alycia Levels-Moore, Community Facilitator at Woodlawn Urban Main

Planning for the future

Commonplace Wood Shop
A look at Commonplace’s wood shop. Photo via REV Birmingham

Jared Fulton has big plans for Commonplace and the roll it’ll play in Woodlawn. His goal is to engage more with the neighborhood and let the space serve as a safe place for the community to gather in the future.

Some of his future goals for Commonplace include:

  • Creating an artist’s residency with free rent to select applicants
  • Having artists create art installations for the community to enjoy
  • Teaching high school students design processes with wood shop where they will eventually build their own piece of furniture while acquiring woodworking skills
  • Implementing an open studio event where high school students can interact with artists in a Q&A session

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