Discover the life of the bow in The Bowmakers, January 22-31, with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra


Discover The Bowmakers Jan. 22-31. Photo via ASO

It’s the story you’ve never heard, of an instrument that dances in the spotlight but lives in the shadows. January 22-31, go on a journey with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) as they present with PNC Bank the virtual Southeast premiere of The Bowmakers—a new feature-length documentary. Purchase your tickets now and support this special fundraiser benefiting ASO.

ASO Expands their Virtual Offerings

A master of the bow. Photo via ASO

As life became a virtual journey over the past year due to COVID-19, ASO has worked tirelessly to engage with communities in Birmingham and beyond by bringing the amazing talents and music abilities of its staff and orchestra to you at home through digital programs. These digital programs are a way for the Orchestra to continue engaging with the community while audiences are unable to gather in the concert hall.

Now, ASO is taking their digital programming even further. From January 22-31, they’ll be expanding their virtual offerings of the 20-21 season to include the Southeast premiere of The Bowmakers—a new feature-length documentary sponsored by PNC that explores the world of the bow and the extraordinary masters who make them. 

When you purchase your ticket to the film, you’ll be supporting ASO at the same time. A portion of every ticket sold, plus 100% of any additional donations support ASO’s numerous education and online offerings. 

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The Cinderella of the Orchestra

Without the bow, where would the world be musically? Photo via ASO

Directed by Ward Serrill, award-winning director of The Heart of the GameThe Bowmakers follows the journey of the “silent servant” of the music world—the bow. 

Considered the Cinderella of the orchestra, the bow is often overlooked and overshadowed by the curvy lines and sinews of its more glamorous partners. But where would stringed instruments like violins and fellows be without the bow as their dutiful better half? 

While few see the bow as an instrument in its own right, players of stringed instruments view them differently. To these musicians, the bow is what allows them to express the soul of their instrument. 

“String instruments as we know them, would simply not exist without the bow. I personally see both my viola and my bow as equal partners. While playing the viola, I often think of the bow as an extension of my arm. That really helps me produce the sound I’m looking for.” 

Zakaria Enikeev, Musician, ASO

From the birthplace of the bow in France to where the world’s finest bows are made in Brazil, the film inspires all music lovers including students seeking to expand their knowledge of instruments and their role in the orchestra. 

“I realized that I was making a film about the need for beauty in the world and the drive to create it. That was the game the bowmakers and musicians were up to: creating beauty. Beauty is not an extra credit thing. It is central to life and never more important than during times of social and environmental upheaval.”

Ward Serrill, Director, The Bowmakers

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More to Discover

Can you hear this photo? Photo via ASO

Virtual viewings of The Bowmakers is only part of the journey. On January 31, ASO offers you the rare chance to attend a virtual Q&A Session with: 

  • Director Ward Serrill
  • Violist Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt
  • Bowmaker Robert Morrow
  • ASO Acting Principal Violist Zakaria Enikeev

Can you handle this much talent in one room?

To participate in the Q&A Session: 

  • Register for the Q & A here.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. 
  • Add the Q & A to your calendar (include the ZOOM link) if you can. 
  • The email will provide you with instructions on how to submit questions to the Q & A. 
  • When the Q & A event goes live, you can click on the webinar invitation email or the link on your calendar.

To watch The Bowmakers online January 22-31, purchase your ticket now and support this special fundraiser benefiting ASO.

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