Spring break plans for colleges across Alabama–what you should know

Students at the University of Alabama enjoying a nice afternoon on the quad. Photo via @univofalabama on Instagram.

As students across the state are kicking off their spring semester, colleges are fine-tuning and perfecting their safety protocols for the 2021 school year. 

With the travel that surrounds the holiday, adjustments are being made to annual spring break schedules. Learn more.

The use of masks, social distancing, and the combination of in-person, hybrid, and remote learning will continue to be implemented on campuses across the state along with adjusted spring break schedules for universities across Alabama.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB students posing for a photo on their first day back to campus. Photo courtesy UAB – The University of Alabama at Birmingham on Facebook.

“Spring break is not included in the semester due to the risk of students traveling and then returning to campus. We realize though that breaks are so important to our students and faculty and have worked a couple of wellness days into the schedule.”

Dr. Pam Benoit, UAB Provost

These wellness days, according to the UAB United page, “are intended to provide students, instructors, and instructional support staff some opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate.”

UAB has scheduled their first wellness day on March 16th and another following on April 14th.

Additionally, UAB will now give students along with faculty and staff the opportunity to receive a COVID test every two weeks. This not only keeps the campus community safe but also helps to keep the local public health community informed of cases. 

University of Alabama

UA students enjoy some quality reading time on the quad. Photo via @univofalabama on Instagram.

UA announced in September that spring break will be eliminated in order for continuous learning to take place and to remove the chance of risks associated with travel. 

On January 13, classes started–a week later than initially scheduled–in order to provide 12 days between New Year’s Day and the start of classes.

Classes will be cancelled on Monday, March 15th, to make room for a mid-semester wellness and study day. 

Samford University

Samford students take notes and enjoy a class on the lawn. Photo via @samfordu on Instagram.

Samford will not be having their regularly scheduled spring break. Instead, the semester will end one week earlier. 

The last day of classes for undergraduate students will be April 29th, with final exams held May 3rd-6th. 

Miles College

Miles College
Students at Miles College meeting up between classes. Photo via Miles College.

Miles College has announced their cancellation of spring break. They have not yet reported what will replace these days or specified wellness days. Check back on their website as they update their academic calendar. 

Auburn University

A group of Auburn students arriving back to campus last August 2020. Photo via @auburnu on Instagram.

Auburn has cancelled spring break and will be replacing it with wellness days on February 16th, March 10th, and April 1st. 

Classes will end April 22nd with all final exams completed by April 30th. 

Birmingham-Southern College

A group of BSC students enjoy sweet donut treats from a local food truck. Photo via @bscengage on Instagram.

Birmingham-Southern has also announced they will not be going through with their spring break this year. Instead, the semester will close a week earlier with the last day of class on May 3rd followed by final exams through May 11th.

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