Zip into 2021 with AL Adventure & Splash Adventure’s Rocket Racing slide–coming soon!

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
The Rocket Racer is the attraction of 2021. Photo via Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure’s Facebook

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure will become Alabama’s biggest waterpark with the upcoming addition of a new slide—the Rocket Racer. Slide headfirst into the details.

The Rocket Racer slide, which will open in May for the 2021 season, is a six-lane racing slide that’s over 50 feet tall and 300 feet long. Not only will it be the biggest waterslide in Alabama, but it also gives Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure the title of largest waterpark in the state.

The Rocket Racer will be located in an area of the park that has gone unused for some time. Not only will it provide extra space for that essential social distancing, but it will provide frequent park-goers with an all-new experience.

Did you know?

One thing you may not know about Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure is that it’s locally owned and run. Current owners, Dan and Patricia Koch purchased the waterpark in 2014 and through many improvements, the business has seen consistent growth.

But, the pandemic…

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
For safety guidelines, click here. Photo via Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure’s Facebook

There’s no question that 2020 was a whirlwind of a year that led to many canceling plans and staying home. But with a new year finally here and increased access to a vaccine on the horizon, many are hoping to venture out once again. 

“There was a fairly substantial dip in attendance in 2020, but we are really optimistic about 2021 and what it has to offer.”

Alex Ramsey, Marketing Manager, Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

There’s no doubt the addition of a brand-new slide is part of the excitement. 

“We really think that this is the type of addition that will get our guests excited about coming back to the park. We have some really big plans for the coming years and we think this is the first step in a long series of steps in the park’s growth.” 

Alex Ramsey, Marketing Manager, Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

This was news to me!

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure
When you hear the word freebies. Photo via Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure’s Facebook

I love a good waterpark, but as all parents know, the price for any family outing can rack up to astounding amounts before you even pass the admission gate. 

Well, I found out that Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure offers some great freebies, including:

  • Free parking
  • Free unlimited soft drinks (Pepsi, Gatorade, you name it!)
  • Free tubes
  • Free shows

The Slide’s Progress

Currently, the Rocket Racer is onsite and under construction at Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure. 

To get updates on the slide’s progress, head to Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure’s Facebook

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