Birmingham City Council passes $13M in incentives for redevelopment of Carraway Hospital site

Carraway Hospital
The long-abandoned Carraway Hospital will soon be redeveloped, thanks to incentives from the City of Birmingham. Photo via John Morse on Flickr

After 12 years, the abandoned Carraway Hospital site is officially slated for a long-awaited redevelopment. Today in their December 29th meeting, the Birmingham City Council passed a resolution to allocate up to $13M in incentives for the redevelopment of the site.

City Council Passes Incentives

Carraway Hospital
Carraway Hospital has been abandoned since 2008. New incentives passed by the Birmingham City Council will kick-start the redevelopment in 2021. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

At their weekly meeting, the Birmingham City Council just approved a resolution to approve incentives for Northside Redevelopment LLC’s proposed redevelopment of the abandoned Carraway Hospital site and surrounding properties.

The resolution, which passed unanimously, was submitted by Mayor Woodfin and the Budget and Finance Committee and recommended by the City Attorney. The resolution grants Mayor Woodfin the authority to work with Northside Redevelopment LLC to execute an agreement to redevelop and revitalize approximately 41.5 acres in North Birmingham, including the former Carraway Hospital.

Why is this important?

Carraway HosCarraway Hospitalpital star
Carraway Hospital’s iconic blue star kept watch over Birmingham for decades. Photo via Abandoned Southeast

The incentives passed today by the Birmingham City Council will kickstart an estimated $340M mixed-use development on the property led by Northside Redevelopment, LLC. As previously reported, the mixed-use property is expected to include single- and multi-family residences, hotels, retail & office space, entertainment facilities and more.

The resolution garnered strong support from the neighboring communities, such as Druid Hills, Norwood and Evergreen.

“The redevelopment of the former Carraway Hospital site and surrounding properties will be a game changer for Druid Hills and surrounding neighborhoods. The transformation will begin with the removal of a major source of blight in the Northside Community. In a series of phases, the property will see construction of new structures hosting commercial, retail, office, entertainment, and a variety of residential options. I’ve been following this project closely for the past few years and am very happy to lend my support towards achieving this latest milestone.”

Darrel O’Quinn, Councilor, District 5 

What’s next?

Northside Park
The proposed scope of Northside Redevelopment, LLC’s redevelopment of the Carraway Hospital site. Photo via BIG Partnership

With the incentives officially approved, Northside Redevelopment, LLC is set to begin work on a $340M redevelopment of the Carraway Hospital and surrounding area. Once complete, the redeveloped property will become another economic hub in Northern Birmingham, building on the success of projects like TopGolf and Uptown.

Northside Redevelopment, LLC is expected to begin development in early 2021.

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