Will you stay home or gather with others this holiday season? Here’s what y’all said

are drinks from Queens Park Birmingham part of your holiday plans? will you stay home or gather with others?
Even if you’re home for the holidays this year, local bars are offering pick-up drinks. Photo via Queens Park Birmingham’s Facebook

Last Friday, local hospitals let us know that COVID numbers are the highest yet— 130% higher than Thanksgiving and climbing. Healthcare workers are begging people to stay home and not gather with people they do not live with. We wondered if y’all were planning to stay home or gather with others. So, we reached out on social to find out.

Here’s what we asked

Bham Now holiday poll, will you stay home or gather with others?
We asked y’all what your holiday plans are. Photo via Bham Now’s Instagram

We polled our audience on social to find out if you’re planning to gather with people you don’t live with this holiday season, and here’s what y’all said:

  • 42% said “Yes, I most certainly will.”
  • 49% said “No, just no.”
  • 9% said “I don’t know.”
Bham Now home for the holidays poll
We asked, you answered. Graphic via Bham Now

What the CDC says: with over 1.5m new cases in the last week alone, the CDC has clear guidelines for the holidays:

“As cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to increase across the United States, the safest way to celebrate the winter holidays is to celebrate at home with people who live with you.”

The word from our local hospitals is that we are actually on the COVID frontlines

Here’s what we posted on Instagram last Friday after attending a press conference with representatives from local hospitals.

What you *can* do this holiday weekend if you’re staying at home

No matter what kind of #mood you’re in this holiday weekend, if you’re staying home and keeping it simple, there’s still plenty you can do. In fact, we put together this handy dandy guide to 5 pandemic-safe ways to enjoy this long Christmas weekend in Birmingham.

If *are* gathering with others from outside your household, remember the basics + get creative

Everybody knows the drill by now. Mask up, social distance, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stay outside. The life you save might be your own.

What about you? Did you miss our poll? You can take it here

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Vestavia City Center Christmas Tree 2020 Will you stay home or gather with others this holiday season? Here's what y'all said
Vestavia Hills Christmas Tree in the City Center. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

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