A coding + creativity community center in Birmingham? That’s what Miles College and Apple teamed up to do

miles college campus
Miles College. Photo via Miles College’s Facebook

Today we’re sending applause to Miles College. We just learned that the Birmingham college will soon be a community center for coding and creativity in partnership with the technology giant, Apple. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting union.

One heck of a way to celebrate Compter Science Education Week

Miles College
Miles College is teaming up with Apple. Photo via Miles College’s Facebook

Did you know that December 7th kicks off Computer Science Education Week? Me neither, but turns out it’s a big week for Miles College.

They’re teaming up with Apple as part of the tech company’s Community Education Initiative and Tennessee State University’s HBCU C² initiative. Besides having a cool name, this action is helping bring important coding and creativity experiences to historically black colleges and universities. Let’s face it. The future is heavily technology-based and it’s projects like this that bring necessary skills to HBCU’s aside from the traditional curriculums.

“Being aligned in a strategic partnership with the largest technology company in the world will undoubtedly prove an invaluable asset to our graduates as they go on to compete in the global competitive technology marketplace.”

Miles College President Bobby Knight

Thanks to the Community Education Initiative, faculty at Miles College will be a part of Apple’s ongoing series that lets them learn first hand about coding and app development. Through the program, they’ll be able to learn different ways to engage students while using Apple’s coding and creativity curriculum, including the Swift programming language.

“We truly appreciate Apple’s leadership in recognizing the pivotal role Miles College and HBCU students will play in the future of global technological advancement and innovation, particularly through supporting and fostering this first-of-its-kind coding partnership.”

Miles College President Bobby Knight

Keep Miles College on your radar, Birmingham

Miles College
Students from Miles College. Photo via Miles College

Miles College’s partnership with Apple isn’t the only amazing project they’ve been up to. We recently wrote about the college’s 2 million dollar award from IBM for artificial intelligence and open hybrid cloud technology resources.

And the wins don’t stop there for Miles College. Check out this story on how the school was awarded $6.3M in TRIO Grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

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