Birmingham startup Conserv to move to innovation hub Hardware Park

Hardware Park
The Hardware Park campus on 5th Avenue North. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

One of Birmingham’s promising startups, Conserv, just announced their intention to move into a relatively new innovation hub in downtown Birmingham—Hardware Park. Here’s why the collaboration is important.

On the Lookout for a New Home

Conserv presented at Alabama Launchpad
Conserv CEO Austin Senseman and CTO Nathan McMinn, who presented at Alabama Launchpad on Thursday, November 19th. Photo via Bruce Nix for Alabama Launchpad

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Not familiar with Conserv? You should be. The Birmingham-based startup recently won $100K as the Seed Stage winner at the Alabama Launchpad Virtual Finale on November 19th. And that’s not the first time they’ve won big—in fact, the team previously won $50K as the Concept Stage winner of imerge2019.

When it comes to protecting antique collections, whether it be art or historic documents, controlling the environment is of paramount importance. Too much light, humidity, heat and even vibrations can quickly ruin an object. But for collectors, controlling these factors can be expensive. In fact, Conserv estimates that over 450,000 art galleries, archives, private collections and more across the world collectively spend $550M each year to keep their items safe.

That’s where Conserv shines. Their comprehensive environmental monitoring solution can keep collections of any size safe—and at a fraction of the cost. By using Conserv’s technology, collections can easily detect small problems before they become big problems.

Moving to Hardware Park

Hardware Park
The historic Long-Lewis Hardware Building lives on as Hardware Park. Photo via Hardware Park on Facebook

On Monday, the Birmingham Business Journal reported that Conserv CEO Austin Senseman announced their intentions to become the newest tenant at Hardware Park.

Hardware Park is the brainchild of Matt Fitzgerald and Arnar Thors of Fitz-Thors Engineering. After purchasing the property for their own use, the duo realized that the 140,000 square feet of historic office and warehouse space was more than enough space for Fitz-Thors Engineering. So, they decided to create a space for Birmingham innovators to work and collaborate.

“Similar to Innovation Depot, we are carving out spaces for small companies that are cost-effective for them to rent, scale up, and have access to a shared manufacturing area.”

Matt Fitzgerald, Fitz-Thors Engineering

Room for Conserv to Grow

The Conserv team: Nathan McMinn, Ellen Orr, Cheyenne Mangum and Austin Senseman. Photo via Conserv on Facebook

With their $100K in winnings from Alabama Launchpad, Conserv aims to hire a Conservation Liaison and three new positions in 2021—luckily, Conserv will have plenty of room to grow as a company at Hardware Park. Once the move is complete, Conserv will use their Hardware Park campus to assemble, test, pack and ship their sensors.

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