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Maestro Maintenance Management
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Oh, what a year it has been! To keep spirits high this year, holiday decorations are popping up early on homes all over Birmingham. Before you try to untangle those strands of lights or grab that hefty ladder, here’s why you should hire Maestro Maintenance Management to deck your halls for you.

1. You’ll have more time to enjoy the holidays

Maestro provides professional installation of your exterior holiday lights. Photo via Bham Now.

The holiday season is exceptionally busy. Shopping for and wrapping gifts, baking cookies, figuring out where to move that oh-so-pesky Elf on the Shelf enough times so your kids don’t get suspicious… it all leaves very little time to actually sit and enjoy the season. 

This year, spend less time worrying about tangled lights and displays and leave your holiday decorating to professionals like Maestro. Hey, with more time on your hands, maybe you’ll actually enjoy that Elf for once. 

2. It’s safer than doing it yourself

Maestro Maintenance Services
Photo via Maestro Maintenance Services

A few strands of lights. A wreath here and there. How hard could it be to decorate your home for the holidays? Let me ask you one question—are you nuts?! 

While it’s easy to get swept away in DIY mode, there is a lot more to decorating your home for the holidays than meets the eye. Untangling lights, checking to ensure all the bulbs work, using a ladder…it takes hours of preparation and work. Not to mention, safety is a true concern.

Do you really have the strength and balance to put that flying reindeer display on your rooftop? Are you really strong enough to move and maneuver a heavy and awkward ladder? I don’t know about you, but 2020 doesn’t seem like the year to gamble your safety. 

I say put your safety first and leave your holiday decorating and installations to Maestro. They’ll ensure you get experienced assistance from professionals who are well-practiced and trained so they can install your decorations quickly, efficiently and without any hassles. 

You provide the decorations, Maestro does the work. Submit your work order and book now.

3. Your holiday display will stay merry + bright all season long

A gorgeously decorated home always enhances the holiday season. Photo via Maestro

Whether you decide to decorate your home yourself or you hire professionals to do it for you, there’s always a chance a repair may be needed.

Bulbs may burn out, Rudolph may decide to fly away from the herd and wind up dangling from the roof. Not to mention, the extra electricity being used for your brilliant light display may cause a wire shortage that needs to be taken care of. 

When seasonal blunders happen, Maestro’s professional team will take care of any maintenance tasks that come about. 

To ensure your holiday decorations continue spreading joy all season long, book Maestro now.

4. You won’t have to do any (un)decorating

Got lights? Photo via Bham Now

When the final gift has been unwrapped and your in-laws have gone home, the last thing you want to deal with is taking down holiday decorations. If only you could tap a button and everything would be taken down, packed up and put away.

As it turns out, you can. When the holidays draw to a close, Maestro will take down all of your decorations for you. Not only that, but they will box them all back up, too. 

5. You’ll get more than holiday decorating help

Maestro Maintenance Management
Photo via Maestro Maintenance Management

As much as holiday decorations can enhance the exterior of a home, they won’t hide a house that is in need of prominent repairs or a yard that could use some serious sprucing up. 

Happily, Maestro can provide you with maintenance professionals that can turn your home from so-so to stunning. 

This is also true for your home’s interior. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint in your living room or a new window to replace a broken one, Maestro provides a full list of residential maintenance services. 

See the full list of services here

Have an office space or company building you’d like to decorate for the holidays?

Maestro offers commercial services, too. To deck those halls—contact them today.

For more information, visit Maestro Maintenance Management’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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