Ghost Train Brewing Co., Gotcha Mobility + Freshwater Land Trust confirmed M2 tenants

m2 rendering Ghost Train Brewing Co., Gotcha Mobility + Freshwater Land Trust confirmed M2 tenants
Retail, food, drink, office space and more. M2 will have a little bit of everything. Rendering of the M2 space via M2

M2, the mixed-use expansion project from MAKEbhm, is moving along! Three exciting tenants have been secured for the space including Ghost Train Brewing Co., Gotcha Mobility, LLC and Freshwater Land Trust. Here’s what we know:

What is M2?

IMG 9478 Ghost Train Brewing Co., Gotcha Mobility + Freshwater Land Trust confirmed M2 tenants
Photo via Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

Located at 3501 First Ave. S. in the building that was formerly Old Car Heaven, M2 will be a mixed-use space comprised of a variety of tenants. From food and drink to office space, the 70,000-square-foot development will be the first of its kind in Birmingham.

According to the BBJ, local developers and principals from ArchitectureWorks, Red Rock Realty Group and ARC Realty are teaming on the project.

Founder and owner of MAKEbhm and M2 partner, Bruce Lanier told the BBJ,

“Our goal is to create a mixed-use, place-based community at M2, especially in considering the trail’s positive impact on daily pedestrian traffic passing through our property and the surrounding area. Together, (these tenants) represent our original intent and goals for M2.”

More on the three tenants:

Ghost Train Gathering Hall & Gardens at M2

Ghost Train Brewing is expanding, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store. The new location at M2, dubbed Ghost Train Gathering Hall & Gardens, will include:

  • A larger taproom 🍺
  • Cocktail bar concept 🍸
  • And a green space featuring a walkup bar 🌿

As reported by the BBJ, these features will allow Ghost Train to increase overall production brewing capacity, expand in-house distillation and include in-house wine production.

Freshwater Land Trust

Jones Valley Trail 2 Ghost Train Brewing Co., Gotcha Mobility + Freshwater Land Trust confirmed M2 tenants
M2 will be located directly on the future Jones Valley Trail System. Photo via Freshwater Land Trust

Freshwater Land Trust is another tenant moving into M2. They will occupy office space on M2’s second story. The best part? Their view will overlook a portion of the Jones Valley Trail Extension.

Rusha Smith, executive director of Freshwater Land Trust, told the BBJ,

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a safe, multi-use trail and a new outdoor destination for individuals living in, working in, and visiting the greater Birmingham area. And it is even better that we will get to look out our office windows and see people using it every day.” 

Gotcha Mobility

Gotcha Mobility
Electric bikes for the win. Photo via Gotcha’s Facebook

We recently shared the news that the Birmingham City Council approved the first permits allowing two electric bike and scooter companies to operate in the Magic City. One of the two, Gotcha Mobility, LLC will occupy 20,000 square-feet to operate their Southeast distribution and operations hub, according to reporting by the BBJ.

The M2 team can’t confirm the tenant at the moment, but we’re looking forward to learning more about their plans in the coming weeks and months.

M2 is set to open in early 2021, and around 30,000 square feet of space is available to lease. Get more information here. We’ll keep you updated as more tenants are confirmed.

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