How this 100+ year-old company has made Turkey Day better for 20+ years


Turkeys for Tenants is a program where Watts Realty Co gives 10+ year tenants turkeys for Thanksgiving
Who wouldn’t love to get a Thanksgiving turkey from their landlord? Photo via Unsplash

By the time you’ve rented an apartment for more than a decade, you and your landlord should be pretty tight. Or at least that’s how Watts Realty feels. Since the early 1990s, they’ve been doing a thing called “Turkey for Tenants” as a way to express their thanks.

Turkey for Tenants began as a way to honor longtime rental tenants

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Watts Realty gives 10+ year tenants a turkey each Thanksgiving. Photo via Watts Realty’s Facebook page

When you’ve been in business for over 100 years, you build relationships. Back in the early 90s, Watts Realty decided it was time to honor some of those longtime relationships. Thus, “Turkey for Tenants” was born.

Each year, on the last Friday before Thanksgiving week, longtime tenants get a free turkey.

Turkey for Tenants started in Titusville and Southside

“We managed some older homes in the Titusville and Southside areas. A growing number of tenants had been in their rental units for 10 or more years. We spoke with our landlords to see if they wanted to show their thanks to these longstanding tenants.”

Michael Watts, Watts Realty

Watts Realty’s longest-running tenant has been renting for 40 years

Turkeys for Tenants is a program Watts Realty has been doing to thank their long-term tenants for over 20 years. Photo via Watts Realty’s Facebook page

Watts Realty has one tenant who’s been renting since December 1980. You better believe they’ll be getting a turkey this year!

They have a list of people who’ve been renting since 2010, and seven more tenants joined that list. A grand total of 30 tenants are eligible to receive turkeys. This includes some tenants of properties they started managing this past February 2020.

How Turkeys for Tenants works

Turkeys for Turkey Day. Photo via Watts Realty

Watts Realty sent out a letter to eligible tenants in the first week of November. This gives tenants plenty of time to know there’s a free turkey waiting for them to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

Tenants bring the letter with them to the office on the appointed day to pick up their bird.

Watts Realty has been in Birmingham for more than 100 years

WAWatts How this 100+ year-old company has made Turkey Day better for 20+ years
W.A. Watts. Photo via Watts Realty

Back in 1907, W.A. Watts got into the real estate biz in Birmingham. He started buying, selling, dealing and owning, and the family’s never looked back. Now they manage a portfolio of rental residential properties and commercial real estate.

They’re also big believers in giving back to the Birmingham community. Turkeys for Tenants is one of the many ways they do this.

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