Wonder what it’s like to live at The Pizitz? Ask Melanie and Kevin.


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The city view from the apartments at The Pizitz never gets old. Photo via The Pizitz on Facebook

If you’ve ever grabbed a bite at The Pizitz Food Hall, you might have wondered what it’d be like to live at the popular building itself. So did we. So, we spoke with two long-term residents to learn about all the perks The Pizitz has to offer.

Living at The Pizitz

ThePizitz 13 Wonder what it's like to live at The Pizitz? Ask Melanie and Kevin.
A cute + cozy living room in The Pizitz. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

On a drive through downtown Birmingham, it’s hard to miss The Pizitz. The ornate, marble-white building stands out amongst its surroundings. Once the flagship of the Pizitz department stores, the building was recently renovated to host the Forge coworking space and The Pizitz Food Hall.

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Since 1925, The Pizitz building has been a staple of downtown Birmingham. Photo via The Pizitz on Facebook

But coworking and unparalleled food options aren’t the only thing The Pizitz has to offer. The top six stories are home to dozens of one- and two-bedroom residences with natural light, high ceilings, a wonderful view of downtown and access to the most walkable district in Birmingham.

Don’t take my word for it. We spoke with Melanie and Kevin Schwalbach, two long-term residents at The Pizitz, to learn more about their experience in the community.

Meet Melanie and Kevin, two long-term residents at The Pizitz

IMG 1082 Wonder what it's like to live at The Pizitz? Ask Melanie and Kevin.
Melanie and Kevin Schwalbach—along with Phoebe the corgi and Douglas the kitty—in their home at The Pizitz. Photo courtesy of Melanie Schwalbach

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your background.

Melanie: Kevin and I are both in medicine. We are originally from Minnesota, but moved to Birmingham three years ago for our residencies. Coming from Minneapolis, it was a little intimidating to move to the South, but we knew we wanted to live in the city.

Why did you choose The Pizitz?

Melanie: Before we moved to Birmingham, we came down for a week to visit and get to know the city. We knew that we wanted to stay in a renovated building, one with history and character. Plus, we needed a home that was close to the hospital for our work. The Pizitz checked all of those boxes and more.

What are your favorite aspects about living at The Pizitz?

Melanie: The Pizitz is truly a community. Our neighbors here are a diverse group of people who are in all stages of life. We love seeing the familiar faces.

Since we are so busy with work, it’s convenient to have a gym and a pool in the building. And of course, if we don’t feel like cooking one night, we can easily run down to the food hall on the first floor and grab a bite. Plus, we can be social and have a drink at The Louis Bar without having to go out on the town.

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Grabbing a drink at The Louis is a quick and easy way to connect with the community at The Pizitz. Photo via The Louis on Instagram

Do you feel connected to the community at The Pizitz?

Melanie: The Pizitz is really great about coordinating events, not only for residents but for anyone who wants to join. We’ve really loved the Halloween movie series in the courtyard, and the Bham Art Crawl was a great place to meet local artists.

The Pizitz is very pet-friendly, so you see lots of dogs and cats—like our corgi Phoebe and our cat Douglas! Since The Pizitz is so centrally located, we can easily take Phoebe for a walk to Railroad Park or Rotary Trail.

With so many great restaurants and cocktail bars nearby, we don’t have to worry about getting an Uber—we can just walk. In fact, we only have one car. Since the hospital is just 10 minutes away, Kevin actually walks to work. So that means we can save money on a second car, which is amazing.

yoga at pizitz Wonder what it's like to live at The Pizitz? Ask Melanie and Kevin.
Before COVID-19, The Pizitz hosted tons of events—like this yoga class with tons of natural light. Photo via The Pizitz Instagram

How do you like your apartment?

Melanie: So Kevin and I live in a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. We love our setup, especially the master bedroom. Since the master bedroom has no windows, if Kevin and I end up working the night shift we can easily sleep during the day. In our main living room, we have sooo much natural light—which is great for my plants.

We love the unique, modern accents of our apartment. Plus, we’ve never had an issue with any noise from our neighbors. When we first moved to Birmingham, we considered buying a house while we did our five years of residency. But living at The Pizitz has been such an incredible experience, so we decided to stay!

Join the community at The Pizitz

ThePizitz 11 Wonder what it's like to live at The Pizitz? Ask Melanie and Kevin.
Tons of natural light with an unmatched view of downtown Birmingham—just a couple of the perks of living at The Pizitz! Photo courtesy of The Pizitz

“At The Pizitz, you get great space and amenities at an affordable cost. It’s not easy to find a great living space in the middle of a city—but that’s what The Pizitz has to offer.”

Melanie Schwalbach

Could you see yourself living at The Pizitz? I know I could! If you’d like to learn more, The Pizitz is currently offering virtual and self-guided tours of the apartments.

Reach out to The Pizitz by phone or by email to get started + let us know what you think by tagging @bhamnow on social media!

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