Samford Academy of the Arts’ instructors share their secret to success—register for classes today


Samford Academy of the Arts
Voice Instructor Morganne Best performing in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Photo courtesy of Morganne Best

There’s nothing like the feeling of doing something you love—even if you don’t know you love it yet. Do you have a talent you’ve never had the opportunity to explore? Hear how Morganne Best and Kathryn Lamb, Voice and Violin Instructors at Samford Academy of the Arts, discovered theirs and register for the fall session B classes to uncover new possibilities for yourself.

From student to teacher, Morganne and Kathryn found a home at Samford Academy of the Arts

Samford Academy of the Arts
Photo courtesy of Morganne Best

The Samford Academy of the Arts is continuing with in-person private music instruction. Not only will you have the chance to learn one-on-one with talented teachers, but you’ll also learn from those who were once students themselves, like Morganne and Kathryn.

Morganne Best—Voice Instructor

Morganne Best
Morganne performs in “The Marriage of Figaro.” Photo courtesy of Morganne Best

When Morganne first stepped foot on Samford’s campus, she knew it was where she’d spend the next four years. She spent her time as a student studying Musical Theatre and performing in musicals and operas. Her education allowed her to expand her talents and star in productions across the country and even Canada!

“Samford has high-quality teachers who invest in your education day in and day out. They always encourage you to push yourself and achieve your fullest potential. Due to the small class sizes at Samford, I got to know all my fellow classmates both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Morganne Best, Voice Instructor at Samford Academy of the Arts

 “The professors at Samford Academy of the Arts are unmatched.”

With such a positive experience as a student, Morganne decided to use the skills she learned to teach others at Samford Academy of the Arts. She fell in love with teaching while working for Samford’s theatre company and came on as a voice instructor at Samford Academy of the Arts in the 2019-2020 school year.

“I have loved my teaching experience at Samford Academy of the Arts! Each student brings a smile to my face and encourages me to become the best teacher I can be. The voice staff at Samford Academy of the Arts really taught me that perseverance and dedication lead to progress. I try to pass this idea along to my students!”

Morganne Best

You can take in-person private voice lessons with Morganne this fall at the Samford Academy of the Arts—sign up.

Kathryn Lamb—Violin Instructor

Samford Academy of the Arts
Kathryn performing at the 2016 Fall/Winter Showcase. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Lamb

Did you know a pre-med and music degree exists? It does at Samford and gave Kathryn a balanced load of science and music during her time at the university. Now as a violin instructor at Samford Academy of the Arts, Kathryn hopes to instill the profound education she received in her students.

“I am glad to be back at Samford Academy of the Arts teaching, as it is a special place with a high concentration of really good people. It is meant to be in an environment where many strive to honor the Lord in the way that we teach, learn and love others.”

Kathryn Lamb, Violin Instructor at Samford Academy of the Arts

Effective communication, firm understanding

Kathryn Lamb
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Lamb

Kathryn’s approach to teaching is influenced by the professors she studied with at Samford. From her professors, she learned beautiful violin tone, effective communication, understanding of how music studies must fit within the context of practical life and many more valuable lessons. When you take a class from Kathryn at the Samford Academy of the Arts, you have an opportunity to learn the same golden knowledge.

“As an instructor at Samford Academy of the Arts, I am driven by a desire to share my knowledge and experience of the violin within the context of each student’s life. Whether they are just beginning the study of the instrument and music or have had regular lessons for years, I am glad to meet them where they are and give them the tools and knowledge they need to grow and accomplish their musical goals.”

Kathryn Lamb

Impressed yet? Sign up to take private violin lessons with Kathryn this fall at the Samford Academy of the Arts.

There’s time for you to grow your talent, too

Night time Photography Vulcan Fireworks Light Show McKinneyMeg 0319AA copy Samford Academy of the Arts' instructors share their secret to success—register for classes today
Learn how to take beautiful shots like these from Samford Academy of the Arts’ instructors. Photo courtesy of Meg McKinney

It doesn’t have to involve your voice or violin—Samford Academy of the Arts’ fall session B classes are starting SOON. Which one are you most interested in?

Architectural Photography

  • What: Architectural photography, exteriors, interiors, with technical challenges of composition, distortion and lighting.
  • When: October 7-November 18 | Wednesdays, 6-8PM
  • Register

Adobe Lightroom

  • What: Designed to teach photographers how to edit images and to learn a complete start to finish workflow in Lightroom, Adobe’s program for organizing and editing photos quickly.
  • When: October 29-December 17 | Thursdays, 6-8PM
  • Register

Outdoor Landscape Photography

  • What: Learn principles of good outdoor and landscape photography from composition and equipment to processing your photos. Topics include landscapes, panoramas, HDR, flowing water, lowlight and harsh light, software suggestions.
  • When: October 13-November 10 | Tuesdays, 6-8PM
  • Register

Photography I

  • What: Covers all the aspects of basic photography including proper exposure and appropriate use of shutter speed and aperture as well as lens choices and lighting options.
  • When: (Online) October 27-December 8 | Tuesdays, 6–8PM
  • Register

Stained Glass: Copper Foil Method

  • What: Learn to use a pattern to cut and shape glass, apply copper foil, and solder to finish a beautiful stained glass window.
  • When: October 13-December 1 | Tuesdays, 12-2PM OR 6-8PM
  • Register (Afternoon) | Register (Evening)

Fused Glass

  • What: Learn three methods for making fused glass jewelry pieces.
  • When: October 14 – December 2 | Wednesday 12-2PM
  • Register


  • What: Discover methods of hand-building, wheel-throwing, glazing and decorating pottery.
  • When: October 19 –December 7 | Mondays, 12-2PM
  • Register

Art for Children

  • What: Children ages 6-8 and 9-11 will learn about famous artists and work with various materials such as clay, paint and graphite.
  • When: (Ages 6-8) October 12-November 30 | Mondays, 3:30-5PM OR (Ages 9-11) October 13 – December 1 | Tuesdays, 3:30-5PM
  • Register (6-8) | Register (9-11)

Intro to Acrylics

  • What: An introduction to the fundamentals of painting such as color mixing, color theory and composition.
  • When: October 15-December 3 | Thursdays, 6-8PM
  • Register

Spanish I

  • What: Learn the basics of the Spanish language.
  • When: (Online) September 15 – October 27 | Mondays, 6-8PM
  • Register

Will you learn your true talent today? Unlock more about fall classes and private music instruction through Samford Academy of the Arts’ website or contact for further information.

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