Need a laugh? Check out our caption contest with The Bham Zoo. Win $300+ in prizes!

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What a well-mannered bear. Photo via The Birmingham Zoo

If you follow us on Instagram (which you should 100% be doing 👏), you’ve probably seen our weekly caption contests featuring animals from The Birmingham Zoo. We’ve been sharing silly pictures, asking our followers to share their most creative captions. And trust us, they did not disappoint. 😂

Here’s a recap of the contests including some of our favorite entries + how you can enter our final contest and win $300+ in prizes from The Birmingham Zoo, Red Diamond and Full Moon BBQ!

Caption Contest #1: Komet, a Smiling Yellow-Backed Duiker 😃

And the winner is…

We were laughing out loud at some of the captions people submitted. Here are a few other favorites we have to share:

“When that Friday feeling hits before a long weekend 🤩🤩 let’s get ~wild~ 🦒🐊🐆🦍”


“Me listening to you but looking at myself during a FaceTime call.”


“When that first cup of @drinkreddiamond coffee kicks in.”


“What did the antelope say to the blade of grass? Nice gnawing you. ☝🏼This guy gets it!”


Caption Contest #2: Willow, a Super Friendly Reticulated Giraffe 🤪

Did you know a giraffe’s tongue is 18-20 inches long and appears purple, blueish or almost black in color? Woah.

And the winner is…

A few of our favorites:

“Me when I pass the classrooms with my friends in it at school”


“I’m longing for some neckfast blend red diamond coffee, and a good Neil Tongue record this morning.”


“My wife coming after my ice cream cone 5 minutes after she tells me she’s ‘not hungry’…”


“When you forget how to giraffe so you snake instead”


Caption Contest #3: Khan, a Very Sleepy Jaguar 💤

A few of our favorites so far:

*instrumental build up*…”AND IIIIIII-ee-IIIIII will always, love ZOOOOOOOO!”


“When the cubs keep you up all night”


“Your face after your mom makes you take one bite of vegetables that you hate in order to leave the table— *cue dramatic reaction*”


“What do the @bhamzoo, @drinkreddiamond, and @fullmoonbbq have in common? They are all spot on 😝


There’s still time to enter our final caption contest! Just head to our Instagram and drop your most creative caption under THIS PHOTO. 👏

You can win $300+ in prizes from The Birmingham Zoo, Red Diamond + Full Moon BBQ that include:

  • A four-person one-day pass to visit The Birmingham Zoo 🦒🌿
  • The ultimate Red Diamond prize pack with a Cuisinart Coffee maker, bags + cans of Classic Blend ground coffee, a Red Diamond branded coffee mug, cookbook and MORE ($150) ☕🍃
  • Two Full Moon lawn chairs, one flavor pack, two pork sandwich tokens + 2 free kids meal tokens ($100) 🌙

We’ll announce the final winner Wednesday, Sept. 23 on our Instagram. Good luck, Birmingham!

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