Meet the Birmingham Coworking Collective and how to try out different spaces

Forge 45 Meet the Birmingham Coworking Collective and how to try out different spaces
A look inside Forge’s newly renovated space in The Pizitz. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

In a time where working from home has become a new norm, some of us are looking to change up the scenery. Seven of Birmingham’s coworking spaces are teaming up to give you a chance to experience each of their spaces. Keep reading to learn how you can give each a try and find a new home away from home.

What is Birmingham Coworking Collective?

To keep things simple, Birmingham Coworking Collective is a team of seven local coworking spaces around Birmingham. This new collaboration launched on September 9th and includes:

It is the first local chapter of the national Global Workspace Association (GWA)—a network of professionals who own, design, operate and invest in flexible offices. After all, coworking spaces are like the new coffee shops. You’re surrounded by creativity, innovation and get to grow your network all while getting out your own projects.

Like many businesses, COVID caused coworking spaces to take a big hit. Now that each space has had the time to create a safer environment that follows strict CDC and personal guidelines, you can give each a try to see what space you vibe with most. All you need is a passport!

One passport. Seven coworking spaces.

bham coworking collective Meet the Birmingham Coworking Collective and how to try out different spaces
Why settle? Give them all a try to find the perfect work environment. Photo via @bhamcoworks on Instagram

I know what you’re thinking. A passport? I don’t know about you, but as soon as it’s safe to travel internationally, I’m on the first plane out of here. As for now, the passport that can actually come in handy is the Birmingham Coworking Collective Passport.

The BCC Passport gives you access to the seven coworking spaces around Birmingham so you can experience each community yourself before committing to a membership. Give each a try over the span of 14 days for free to find the best for you.

We are excited about the launch of the Birmingham Coworking Collective and the Passport Program. It seems now more than ever, professionals of all types need flexibility. Coworking spaces offer that flexibility and professional, productive spaces in which to connect, grow and thrive. I talk to people all the time who don’t realize how many options we now have in Birmingham for flexible work space. The passport will allow more people access to try more spaces and find the right fit for them.

Meredith Calhoun, Co-founder of Practice Works

If you’re ready to change up your work setup, you can claim your passport now and learn more about what each coworking space in the collective has to offer.

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