New scooter company brings fun + fresh micro-transit option to Birmingham

crosstown scooter New scooter company brings fun + fresh micro-transit option to Birmingham
Exploring Birmingham just got a lot more fun. Photo via Crosstown Scooters’ Facebook

Watch out Birmingham. There’s a new company in town and they’re making travelling around the city easier and more fun. We’re taking a look at how the city has handled microtransit options and the newest option to scoot around town, Crosstown Scooters.

So what’s the deal with micro-transit in Birmingham?

If you remember anything about that short period of time in 2018, when Bird scooters came to town, you know that micro-transit has had its ups and downs in Birmingham. Without the proper permits, the scooters left the cityscape as quick as they arrived. That left Birmingham with the cute, green Zyp bikes. Those were a fun way to get around the city until late 2019, when the program came to an end.

That left many people wondering what the next move for micro-mobility was for Birmingham. Luckily, earlier this year, the city council approved an ordinance to allow new forms of transportation. This ordinance allows vendors to introduce traditional bikes, electronic bikes and scooters.

New company launches scooter rentals in Lakeview

We all know that parking downtown can be a bit of a hassle. You have to dedicate a few extra minutes to your commute just to find a parking space. Makes me anxious just thinking about it.

Glenn Drennen is familiar with the city’s parking struggles and like most entrepreneurs, saw a problem that he could help provide a solution for. This September Drennen launched Crosstown Scooters in Birmingham.

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Get yours for just $10/ hr for the month of September. Photo via Crosstown Scooters’ Facebook

Crosstown Scooters provides motorized scooter rentals for use throughout the city. All of your Lizzie McGuire Movie and Roman Holiday dreams just became more realistic—except instead of the cobblestone streets of Italy, you can cruise through the constant construction of Birmingham.

The founder Glenn got the idea for Crosstown Scooters while on vacation with his family to Miami Beach. While there, they rented motor scooters to get around town which is honestly one of the best ways to get anywhere in Miami. They enjoyed it so much that when they returned to Birmingham and realized the city had nothing similar to their experience, Glenn decided to take matters into his own hands.

IMG 0286 New scooter company brings fun + fresh micro-transit option to Birmingham
Nail’s Convenience Store in Lakeview. Photo by Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Conveniently, Glenn Drennen also owns the Nail’s Convenience Store in Lakeview—a gas station and convenience store all in one. This made for the ideal location to set up Crosstown Scooters and now you can find the gas-fueled scooters at 3434 6th Avenue South.

During the month of September, you can snag a scooter at a limited time pricing of $10 an hour. If you aren’t very confident on two wheels, they also offer a red coupe to scoot around town in style.

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