Hurricane Sally heads toward Central Alabama with heavy rain + flooding

Birmingham, weather
Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook page

Get those rain boots ready and head to higher ground, Hurricane Sally is on its way toward Birmingham. Here’s what you should know, plus some tips on how to prepare.

What Birmingham Can Expect

Birmingham, weather
Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook page

According to the National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama, Hurricane Sally continues to make a slow crawl to the Gulf Coast. By Wednesday afternoon, there will be widespread tropical downpours across Central Alabama, especially south of I-20.

Gov. Kay Ivey issued a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of the storm’s effect on South Alabama.

In a statement by Governor Kay Ivey:

“Bad weather is nothing to take lightly. Earlier today, I issued a State of Emergency because those on the Gulf Coast know a flood and heavy rains can be just as deadly as tropical winds. We pray that Sally doesn’t do any harm, but we must be prepared just in case. As your governor, you have my assurance that every resource will be available if we need it. Be safe, Alabama.”

Tips for Staying Safe + Connected

Stay connected. Photo by Sara Kurfeß via Unsplash

When severe weather strikes, safety is the number one concern. Along with having adequate shelter, food/water and other essentials, it’s also vital to stay connected. To do this, check out these tips from AT&T. 

  • Keep your tech devices charged—especially your phone. If there’s a power outage, your mobile device will still work, but only if it’s charged. 
  • Save your smartphone’s battery life. To do this: put it in power-save or airplane mode, delete apps or turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Track the storm on your mobile device using local access weather reports. This will help you know where the storm is located and what to expect.
  • Text instead of calling. Texting requires fewer network resources, which means texts may go through more quickly.
  • Use location-based technology. In the event of an evacuation, this can help you find out information, routes and track a lost family member’s mobile phone.
  • Use your mobile device to take, store and send photos/video clips of damage. This will allow you to easily send them to your insurance company. 
  • Be prepared for high call volumes. Keep non-emergency calls to a minimum so those with emergencies can call for help.
  • Store emergency contacts in your mobile device. This includes the police department, fire station, hospital and family members.

Stay Safe, Stay in the Know

Birmingham, weather
Photo via US National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama’s Facebook page

For round-the-clock coverage on Hurricane Sally, tune in to the following local weather stations:

You can also stay connected via local news and weather apps. Consider downloading these:

Are you ready for Hurricane Sally? Prep now and be safe, Birmingham!

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