Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham’s trendiest garden shops? Here’s how


brooke cagle FTVT2nfjXXM unsplash scaled Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham's trendiest garden shops? Here's how
Give me all the fiddleleaf figs. Photo via @brookecagle on Unsplash

Calling all plant parents! If you’re living the green thumb lifestyle, or want to get more into it, why not save money while you grow your plant baby collection? 🌱 Here’s how to get 10% off plant purchases, shop local and support an incredible mission—all at the same time. Check it out.

A Green Thumb Dream

BBG1 Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham's trendiest garden shops? Here's how
I, too, could spend all day just sitting in the Gardens and be perfectly happy. Photo via Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you live in Birmingham, you’ve probably heard of Birmingham Botanical Gardens at some point or another. It was named by USA Today as one of the Top 3 free attractions in America, and it brings visitors to the Magic City from all over the world.

We’re fans of it too—in fact, it recently made our list of the 3 best (socially distant) dates in Birmingham. It really is one of the most incredible places in town, but it has a ton of other benefits too.

First things first: membership with the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens starts at just $50/year. That’s less than $5/month! Seriously. Skip one morning coffee and get an automatic discount at the trendiest plant stores around Birmingham, plus a whole lot more.

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens enjoy a whole host of perks, including a free plant and exclusive classes from local experts on topics like floral arrangement and houseplant care.

Sold already? Just to sweeten the deal, here’s a bonus: get 10% off new and gift memberships with code GARDENS2020.

Meet the Partners

Shoppe Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham's trendiest garden shops? Here's how
So dreamy. Photo via Shoppe on Facebook

Similar to pretty much every single twenty-something on social media in the past few years, I’m obsessed with houseplants. I have them hanging all over my apartment, I follow the #plantmom accounts, and I have several watering cans that are purely decorative.

Browsing local plant shops is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon. Birmingham has no shortage of trendy plant havens—and you can save money at many of them when you become a Friend.

Explore the Birmingham-metro area shops that have partnered with the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens to keep our Magic City green, plus pick up a few plant care tips from the experts.

1. Botanica

Botanica specializes in curating tropical houseplants and modern pots that work with all spaces, lifestyles and budgets. Gorgeous greenery plus flamingo wallpaper? When can I move in?

2. Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market

40 years as one of the top florists in Alabama—Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market is iconic. Classic beauty meets edgy design for every event and season you can imagine.

3. Leaf & Petal at the Gardens

This garden shop is located right at the entrance of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and it’s chock-full of goodies including plants, garden necessities, plus gifts for pretty much everyone in your life!

4. Myers Plants and Pottery

This antique store-turned true Alabama destination is located in Pelham. Myers Plants and Pottery has been around for almost 50 years, and it’s a veritable treasure trove of plants, pottery, garden art and more.

5. Petals from the Past

A piece of history growing right in your own garden—what’s more magical than that? Petals from the Past specializes in antique roses, heirloom shrubs and hard-to-find perennial flowers and herbs.


SHOPPE has to be one of the most beautiful stores in Birmingham. Their greenhouse in Forest Park feels like stepping into a charming storybook land—just one filled with every kind of plant and garden necessity you could dream of.

7. Sweet Peas Garden Shop

Sweet Peas Garden Shop is a Homewood gem. No downtown outing is complete without stopping by to pick up a new plant baby (or two or three). This family-owned garden shop specializes in annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, houseplants and just about anything you’d need in the garden—including friendly advice.

Other Benefits of Being a Friend (Hint: a Free Plant Each Year)

BBG2 Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham's trendiest garden shops? Here's how
If you’re someone who loves all things style, events at Birmingham Botanical Gardens are right up your alley. Photo via Scott Carlisle

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens enjoy 10% off regularly priced plant purchases at all partner locations listed above. If that’s not enough for you, here are some additional perks:

  • Free or discounted admission to 300+ botanical gardens across North America
  • Complimentary member gift plant at the Friends’ Fall Plant Sale each year
  • Access to exclusive members-only classes, events and tours
  • Free admission to the Friends’ Spring Plant Sale member priority shopping
  • Priority registration for special events and children’s summer camps
  • Free general admission to Antiques at the Gardens
  • Subscription to the Friends’ exclusive quarterly newsletter, The Garden Dirt
  • Invitation to the Friends’ Annual Member Celebration

Did I mention that memberships amount to less than $5/month? Support a Birmingham treasure, save money, enjoy exclusive benefits. I think this is what you call a win-win-(win?)

FPS BhamNow Want a free plant + discounts at some of Bham's trendiest garden shops? Here's how

Don’t forget to shop the 2020 Fall Plant Sale on Saturday, September 12. This year’s free member gift plant is Alabama’s state flower, the camellia (courtesy of Leaf & Petal).

Don’t miss out, Bham. We’ll see you at the Gardens!

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