Get a pair of shoes, give a pair at Mountain High in Birmingham through Aug. 17

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Mountain High at Brookwood Village
Mountain High Outfitters at Brookwood Village. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

As a show of support to our essential workers, Mountain High Outfitters is offering a special deal. Between now and August 17, 2020, buy one pair of nine select brands of shoes (in-store purchase only) and Mountain High will gift a pair of equal value to the first responder, teacher, or restaurant, retail, healthcare or dental care worker of your choice.

Stop in to any of Mountain High Outfitters’ four locations in the Greater Birmingham area

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Mountain High Outfitters offers apparel, footwear, gear, and accessories for the outdoor, active, and everyday lifestyle. If you’re camping, hiking or just need the perfect gift, you’ll find what you need.

Mountain High can also help you get ready for that much-needed trip to the beach or other outdoor adventure.

These are the stores in the Greater Birmingham Area:

  • Cahaba Village (on the other side of Green Valley Road from Whole Foods) | 205.970.3300
  • The Summit (in the top section beside Urban Outfitters) | 205.298.7890
  • The Outlet Shops of Grand River (near Barber Motorsports Museum) | 205.699.8264
  • Riverchase Galleria (near Belk) | 205.985.3215

Get a pair, give a pair

Who will you give the second pair of shoes to? Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

“With the entire pandemic not letting up, I wanted to try and do what we can again and give comfort to as many people truly affected day-to-day.

Last time, we focused on first responders and healthcare workers, and now we’d like to expand to include the groups listed below.”

Christopher Groom, Mountain High Outfitters

Who’s included:

  • first responders
  • teachers
  • restaurant employees
  • retail employees
  • healthcare workers
  • dental care workers

Here’s how it works:

Buy a pair of shoes, give a pair of shoes at Mountain High Outfitters
Mountain High Outfitters is the place to go for comfy shoes. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters
  1. Stop by any Mountain High Outfitters (check here for locations and hours) and buy one of these nine brands of shoes—in-store purchase only: 
    • ON Footwear
    • Hoka
    • Birkenstock (excluding EVA)
    • Salomon 
    • Chaco
    • Teva
    • Keen
    • New Balance
    • Altra
  2. When you check out, mention the code GiveOne, and let the person who checks you out know the name, phone number and email address of the person who you’d like to get the second pair of shoes.
  3. Let your giftee know that you’ve gifted them a pair of shoes. They’ll receive an E-Gift in their email and can visit any Mountain High Outfitters location by the end of 2020 to get their shoes.

Here are the nine brands of shoes you can choose from

“A lot of our guests enjoy these brands because of the support and comfort they provide.” 

Christopher Groom, Mountain High Outfitters

ON Footwear

ON shoes are supposed to be like running on a cloud.
A veritable rainbow of shoes. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters’ Facebook page

Fans of these Swedish-designed shoes say wearing them is “like running on clouds.” Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? 


Hoka is an amazing brand of comfy shoes.
My personal favorite. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters’ Facebook page

Hailed by surgical nurses and grocery workers everywhere, these shoes are hard to beat for comfort. 

Birkenstock (excluding EVA)

a pair of Birkenstocks
Now these shoes bring back memories… Photo via Mountain High Outfitters’ Facebook page

If you’ve ever put on a pair of Birkenstocks, your feet probably thanked you once they molded to your feet.


Salomon shoes
If I get these shoes, will I look like that running up a gravel trail? Photo via Mountain High Outfitters’ Facebook page

Sometimes you need all-terrain shoes to take you safely to all those special places. Salomon has you covered with boots, trail running shoes and more. Whether they are for work or play, you and your healthcare worker/first responder will love these shoes.


Wouldn’t you love for your feet to be on a paddle board right about now. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

Anybody who likes wearing shoes while they play around water can attest to how awesomely comfy, well-made and versatile Chacos are.


Love these colors. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

Teva’s are one of those brands of shoes that once you try them, you love them. Great for hiking in sandals, if you’re the sort of person who enjoys that.


Keen boots
Keen shoes are just the best. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

Keen makes sturdy sandals, shoes and boots that give you the confidence that your feet are well protected when they meet the ground. Plus they’re comfy and cute.

New Balance

New Balance Shoes
Nothing says comfy like New Balance. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

What would all the wide-footed people of the world do without New Balance? Seriously, when my children were little and they had little square feet, New Balance was our friend.


Antra running shoes
Your toes will love you if you buy these shoes. Photo via Mountain High Outfitters

Altra is the answer to every woman who’s ever stuffed feet into pointy-toed uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion. Or any guy whose toes need room to breathe. One of the few shoes made with a natural toe box, your toes will be so happy to have all the room they need to spread out and let you do whatever it is you need to do in comfort.

So, head out to your local Mountain High Outfitters store today. Purchase one of the nine brands mentioned (in-store only) and use the code GiveOne at checkout. Mountain High will reach out to your gift and let them know a pair of shoes is waiting for them.

Now tell us, Birmingham, who do you plan to give a pair of shoes to? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook @bhamnow or on Twitter @now_bham and let us know!

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