See who’s hiring for remote work in Birmingham.

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While many are itching to get back to work in office, others are seeing the benefits of working remotely from home. If you’re seeking a job that allows you to work remotely, you’re in luck. Here are some Birmingham companies hiring remote employees now.

Why is working remotely worth your while?

As someone who has spent almost their entire career working remotely, I can easily spout off the pros and cons at rapid speed. But, if you’re considering the remote route, here are some reasons it may be worth your while.

  1. You have more say in your schedule. Sure, you may still need to be at your computer during specific hours or need to dial in to a conference call at a set time. But it won’t stop you from sneaking in a few must-do tasks around your house, like that load of laundry you’ve been needing to wash or that sink full of dishes you’ve needed to wash for days.
  2. You’ll save money. The daily commute is a bummer for many. Working remotely allows you to save on gas and time.
  3. You can skip shopping. Speaking of saving money. When you work from home, there’s no need to invest in a closet full of work clothes. Or at least not the bottom half. No one’s going to see your lower half in a Zoom call anyway, right?
  4. You’ll have more time for life essentials. Whether it’s taking kids to and from school, going to doctor appointments, or now even helping your children succeed at virtual school, working from home allows you to tackle all of life’s demands.
  5. It caters to creatives. Content writing, graphic design, photography. Whatever your profession is, working remotely can help you cater to those moments when your creativity flows best.

5 areas hiring remotely

1. Finance

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CFO, Controller, Finance Executive Vested Residual @ ASPIRE Partners, LLC. Apply

Senior Financial Analyst @ Cadence Bank. Apply

Loan Manager/Processor @ Pacific Residential Mortgage, LLC. Apply.

Processor @ BenchMark Mortgage. Apply.

2. Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing Specialist @ GetPPP. Apply

Senior Writer, Publications @ Toptal. Apply

Underwriter @ Home Instead Senior Care. Apply

3. Management

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Vice President, Business Development @ Therapy Bands. Apply

District Manager @ CKE Restaurants Inc. Apply

Digital Healthcare Account Manager @ Proficient. Apply

Program Manager @ UAB. Apply.

4. Sales

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Work in sales keeps you on the go, which is ideal for remote positions. Photo by Dylan Gillis via UnSplash

External Sales Representative (Life Insurance) @ Covr Financial Technologies. Apply

Remote Account Executive @ Enhanced Payment Systems. Apply

Sales Team Leader @ Symmetry Financial Group. Apply

Regional Sales Manager – Southeast @ Zynex Medical. Apply

Entry Level Sales Rep @ Vector Marketing. Apply

5. Tech & Engineering

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Tech and engineering jobs are always on high demand. Photo by Christopher Gower via UnSplash

Technical Support Representative @ Jack Henry & Associates. Apply

Senior UI Engineer @ Daxko. Apply

Data Engineer @ Daxko. Apply

Senior UI Engineer @ Club Automation. Apply

Network Administrator @ Rezult Technology. Apply

IT Project Manager (Mergers & Acquisitions) @ Seneca Resources. Apply

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