Why is UAB’s MBA program so popular? Here’s what students are saying.

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MBA students at UAB enjoy lessons from skilled professors with years of real-world experience. Photo via UAB Collat School of Business, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re a recent college graduate searching for the next step or a seasoned professional looking to expand your skill set, a Master of Business Administration is one of the most versatile degrees you can choose. Luckily, UAB’s Collat School of Business offers one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the country—keep reading to learn more.

Why Choose an MBA?

MBA students are eligible to participate in the school’s student-managed Green & Gold Fund, an investment portfolio with more than $600,000 in assets. Photo via UAB Collat School of Business, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The importance of making decisions based on data and statistical analysis is quickly becoming a highly desired skill in the job market. I wanted to be a competitive candidate in a fast growing field right now. The UAB MBA and Certificate programs are allowing me to achieve that goal.”

Bob Everett, Graduate Certificate Candidate

In addition to its résumé-boosting aspects, an MBA prepares students for the ever-changing world of business. An MBA helps students:

  • Prepare for leadership roles in business, industry, government, social services and more.
  • Anticipate and adapt to changes in the organizational environment.
  • Make professional connections with fellow students, alumni, local business leaders and more.
  • Hone entrepreneurial skills and prepare to launch their own business.

And when it comes to MBA programs, UAB’s is one of the most popular in the country. In fact, enrollment is up significantly, with recent college grads and working professionals looking to expand their skill set in today’s job market.

What sets UAB apart?

 MBA students have access to the Chad Thomas Hagwood Finance Lab and its Bloomberg terminals for research. Photo via UAB Collat School of Business, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So why choose UAB for your MBA? Well, its high rankings speak for themselves:

  • U.S. News Ranks UAB in top 20% among “Best Part-time MBA Programs” in its 2019 edition of Best Grad Schools. It’s the highest-ranked part-time MBA program in Alabama.
  • U.S. News Ranks UAB’s Online MBA program in the top 13% among the nation’s best in its 2020 edition of “Best Online Programs”

UAB’s Collat School of Business has spent years developing a curriculum with carefully curated course materials that teach leadership and decision-making skills. Its nationally recognized faculty are not only experts in their fields, but are also seasoned industry professionals who share their real world experiences and case studies in the classroom. UAB’s AACSB-accredited MBA program is extremely flexible—meaning they will work with you to build a course plan that fits your life. Work full time? All graduate classes are offered in the evenings. Unable to make it to campus? Luckily, you can complete the MBA fully online. And depending on your schedule, you can complete the degree in one or two years

“At the end of the day, an MBA is a direct investment in yourself. Take a look at our program—we’re competitively priced and turn out a high product—and add the UAB MBA to your résumé.”

Dr. Ken Miller, Executive Director, MBA Programs and Instructor 

Dip a Toe in the Water with Graduate Certificates

Both MBA and graduate certificate students have access to the expertise of world-class professors. Photo via UAB Collat School of Business, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Similar to the MBA, our certificates are business degrees created for people who are in management or have aspirations to move up in management.”

Dr. Julio Rivera, Program Director, Graduate Certificates

But a full MBA isn’t feasible for everyone. Sometimes you need a few industry-specific courses to stay on top of your field or to gain knowledge in a new area. That’s why Collat recently launched three graduate certificates in high-demand fields to help students and working professionals advance their careers:

Each certificate program consists of five graduate business courses, all offered online, that can be completed in three semesters. Since each of the certificates consists of classes offered in the MBA program, graduates can come back after receiving their certification to finish out a graduate degree. Additionally, the Collat School of Business offers graduate certificates in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

But wait—don’t take my word for it

I can pass along facts and stats all day, but what really matters is how students feel about their choice to attend UAB. So, I reached out to several current candidates in UAB’s MBA and graduate certificate programs to see what they had to say.

Dr. Michele Kong, MD — MBA Candidate

Dr. Michele Kong is a pediatric critical care physician who’s back in the classroom at UAB to earn her MBA. Photo via Michele Kong

Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at UAB?

Michele: I chose UAB because their MBA program is top notch—one of the highest-ranked in the country. The support from the administrative office is remarkable, the educators are excellent, and the curriculum is on point. All checks in my book! 

What makes UAB’s MBA program unique among other universities?

Michele: I love the diversity in the MBA program- we have students from all over the world, and from different disciplines. It is neat to be able to share a class with fellow physicians to other professionals to those who have not entered the workforce yet. The cultural and work diversity allows for great conversations and learning together. 

What is your favorite aspect of the program?

Michele: I love that I am able to do a combination of online and in-person courses. This aspect is critical as it has allowed me to pursue my MBA while having a busy schedule. The UAB MBA community is also fantastic, with great leadership, educators and support personnel. 

Chad Leverett — MBA Candidate

Chad Leverett on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Photo via Chad Leverett

Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at UAB?

Chad: UAB is known around the world as a first-class medical university. Name recognition means so much—when employers see a degree from UAB, it stands out. I also chose UAB because I received my undergrad from the university.

What makes UAB’s MBA program unique among other universities?

Chad: Definitely the professors. I took Marketing Strategy with Dr. Thomas L. Powers, and he brings his A game to class every week with a unique teaching style. UAB brings in professors like Dr. Powers—professionals with real life experience from decades of knowledge—to pass along their skills to MBA students.

Bob Everett — Business Analytics Graduate Certificate Candidate

Bob is pursuing a graduate certificate at UAB. Photo via Bob Everett

Why did you choose to pursue a Business Analytics graduate certificate at UAB?

Bob: I chose the program at UAB to understand the theory behind what makes a great business perform at the top of their respective market, to learn the mistakes companies made to lose their market position, and how to apply these lessons to the real world. 

What makes UAB’s program unique among other universities?

Bob: This program is unique in how relevant it is to today’s world. UAB Information Systems professors looked over thousands of recent high-level job postings and identified crucial skills students need for an analyst position. Then, professors implemented the real world in the classroom from offering courses that cover backend data gathering, organizing, and cleaning to front end visualizations and analysis.

Learn More + Apply Today

Kickstart your career with an MBA or graduate certificate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Photo via UAB Collat School of Business, taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested? I know I am! To learn more, visit the website for the MBA Program and the Graduate Certificate Program or reach out to the directors:

Remember—an MBA from UAB is a direct investment in yourself. Ready to apply? Tag us @bhamnow and let us know!

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