IPC, Rojo launch “pay it forward” free meal project. Here are the details.

IPC 1 IPC, Rojo launch “pay it forward” free meal project. Here are the details.

Beginning May 11th, Birmingham Highland Park neighbors Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC) and Rojo are launching a partnership to help provide free meals to individuals and families who are experiencing food insecurity.

Pay It Forward

A very modest program with room to grow, Rojo, the popular Latin restaurant will be offering free meals each week to people during the COVID-19 crisis, paid for by IPC.  The meals are $7 each. Both groups hope to increase the number of meals available substantially through generous “pay it forward” donations by Rojo customers and the community.

If you are hungry and need a meal – to participate, all you need to do is call Rojo and make an order over the phone at 205-328-4733 (205-EAT-4RED). 

rojo1 rotated IPC, Rojo launch “pay it forward” free meal project. Here are the details.
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Rojo co-owner Laney DeJonge described why this new neighborhood project matters.

“At Rojo, we realize there are so many people in need right now.  We know people who have not been getting unemployment because the system is overwhelmed, or they are just hungry and need a meal. It is a crazy time. IPC came to us with this idea as a way to get food to people. All you need to do is call Rojo, if you are hungry and need a meal and hopefully we will have enough.”

Help Grow the Program

There are two ways you can help grow this IPC/Rojo program.

  • Donate to IPC’s Food Pantry – HERE . Make sure to tell IPC it is for the Rojo meals program in the “Gift to Fund” box.  
  • Contact  Rojo directly, or the next time you order food from Rojo, add $7, $14, $21 or more  and tell them to “pay it forward.” 
Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 7.29.35 AM IPC, Rojo launch “pay it forward” free meal project. Here are the details.

One of Many Projects

This new partnership is one of many creative outreach projects led by IPC. A recent  statement by Rev. Susan Clayton, Associate Pastor and Director of Community Ministries illustrates IPC’s mission..

“As disciples of Jesus Christ, we remember that we are called to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We know that during these very difficult days, many of our neighbors are struggling with needs in unprecedented ways. We are called to offer loving and compassionate service and to be good neighbors, so that everyone can share in the abundance of God’s good creation.”

Here are additional projects IPC is currently working on:

  • Making homemade masks for families with limited access.  Anyone can participate by making a mask and dropping it off under our covered walkway on 31st Street South.
  • Growing vegetables at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm in Bluff Park to give away to families in need.
  • Providing $45 meal vouchers to our current Food Pantry customers through our partnership with City Meats in Woodlawn.  You can make a donation through the IPC Food Pantry Fund
  • Serving sack lunches this month for women and children staying at First Light. For more information please contact Rev. Susan Clayton at sclayton@ipc-usa.org. 
  • COMING SOON! Non-perishable food items will be available in a Blessing Box under the 31st Street St. covered walkway. People are welcome to leave items that others may need or stop by to pick up some essentials. 

Need more info about the new IPC/Rojo  partnership and IPC’s outreach programs?  Reach out to Rev. Susan Clayton sclayton@ipc-usa.org or call 205-933-1830.

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