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Tchaik 5K Virtual Race
And the bass keeps runnin, runnin. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.

Symphony fanatics, it’s time to trade your evening wear for a pair of gym shorts, because we’re taking this performance to the track. Over the week of May 23-30, when the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO) was scheduled to perform, they are hosting a virtual 5K paired with a playlist featuring Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Find out more, and register now for $35 per adult or $25 for children and students.

How does a virtual 5K work?

It’s pretty awesome, because instead of getting up at the crack of dawn like most 5Ks—you can choose to do it whenever! ASO provides a world-class performance and you get to hit the ground running at any time.

“The event invites anyone, anywhere to participate. We can connect through encouraging each other to stay-at-home and practice a healthy lifestyle, to finish the 3.1 miles in the 46:20 time that the 5th Symphony spans, to join a team and to support the ASO.  Support your personal fitness goals, support each other, support the ASO.

Nicole Williams, Director of Development for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Just like the real deal

Tchaik 5K Virtual Race t-shirt
If you didn’t get a t-shirt,did you really even run the 5K? Photo courtesy of ASO.

I have an unhealthy amount of 5K race shirts that stretch back to my middle school cross-country days. Now I can add another to my collection, plus the feeling that I’m supporting one of Alabama’s amazing nonprofits.

“The event is special, because beautiful music is not just for the concert hall, it is a part of our everyday lives. This 5k was born as a way to connect those at home with the music. 

It won’t be the same as a live performance with the ASO, but we can encourage the new stay at home routine, celebrate some amazing spring weather, and provide a playlist of all 4 movements of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony for our audiences to enjoy!  

Nicole Williams, Director of Development for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra

When you register you’ll receive:

Hear a beautiful little snippet from Lisa Wienhold, Principal Flute. She formed a team with the flutes and the bassist to cover the high and the low of the orchestra.

Video courtesy of the ASO.

Go it alone or form a socially-distant team

If you’re competitive like me, you know there’s always an extra way to win. Special prizes are awarded for individual and team fundraising. You can also join ASO’s Strava club to track your race time.

However, at the end of the day we want you to have fun and support amazing music so whether you decide to walk, run or jog the race, it’s a guaranteed way to feel great.

5 spots to get your sprint on around the city

Tchaik 5K Virtual Race at Railroad Park
Railroad park + springtime—name a better combination. Photo via Jon Eastwood for Bham Now.

The best part of the Tchaik 5K Virtual Race is you can do it anywhere, and with the beautiful spring weather and plethora of parks and trails in Birmingham, the hardest part is picking a place. There are way more than 5 places to get an awesome run or walk in, but take a look at my favorites.

1. Jemison Park Nature Trail

This is my all-time favorite place for a run, or to enjoy a sea salt chocolate chip cookie from Bandit Pâtisserie. The flat trails and sparkling river run alongside you, making you feel like you could go for miles.

2. Highland Park Neighborhood

Ok, if you’re ready for a challenge definitely give Highland Park a go. The hills are gnarly, but the tree-lined streets and beautiful parks make up for it. Bonus: you’ll pass O’Henry’s and Rojo for an after-run treat.

3. Moss Rock Preserve

How bad can a 5K be when you have some waterfalls to keep you company? Definitely map out a plan of action before you take off on these trails or head out with a socially-distant buddy.

4. Railroad Park

Of course! For some reason, Railroad Park always slips my mind when I’m trying to decide where to run, even though it’s one of the best spots in the city. Being close to Good People brewery doesn’t hurt either. Beer counts as carbo-loading, right?

5. Any of Alabama’s State Parks

If I had to pick just one, I’d probably go with Oak Mountain. However, we came up with 5 hikes around Birmingham found at one of the amazing state parks in our city. They’re all mapped out too, so no excuses!

Register NOW for the Tchaik 5K Virtual Race, May 23-30. Find out more information through ASO’s Facebook and Instagram.

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