#BMAfromHome empowers art lovers to learn, create + explore virtually


Graham Boettcher, Director of Birmingham Museum of Art, goes live from the galleries so we don’t miss a second of the museum. Photo courtesy Birmingham Museum of Art.

I love the feeling that every time I go to the Birmingham Museum of Art, I always discover something new or see a piece of work in a different perspective. #BMAfromHome isn’t taking that away from us, in fact, it’s allowing us to connect more than ever. The arts have been adapting for centuries, and #BMAfromHome proves Birmingham is no exception.

All of your favorite parts of the art museum are going virtual

 Just like when you actually visit the Birmingham Museum of Art, #BMAfromHome has something for everyone; from art classes and kids activities to live gallery talks and mini-exhibitions.

A really cool part about this is the ability to plug into your local community and ask questions, bond over favorite works of art and maybe even add a new Facebook friend or two—all for free! What a perfect time to give back with a donation.

Going live from the galleries for discussions

Take a break from binging “Tiger King” on Netflix and check out BMA Director’s Cuts. The Facebook Live series takes you into the galleries with Graham Boettcher, Director of the Birmingham Museum of Art, as he highlights one work of art from the collection at a time.

Art at Play: puzzles, scavengers hunts and more

Okay, I wish I discovered virtual puzzles a long time ago, because the number of pieces I’ve lost in my house could make an entirely new hodgepodge puzzle. Plus, it’s something fun to work on while you listen to the Director’s Cuts videos.

Missing Art Making? Activities and classes to keep the kids + you entertained

Look, my DOGS are driving me insane as I work from home right now, so major props to those of you keeping the kiddos entertained while they’re out of school. In addition to fun videos like this one, you’ll also find educational coloring pages of famous works of art.

Or, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and take an Art-Making class online. The art museum is bringing you new ways to create weekly.

Mini exhibitions and other ways to learn with the Birmingham Museum of Art

Raise your hand if you could use some zen time—I can’t see you, but I guarantee your hand is raised. Art Escapes might be one of my favorite parts of #BMAfromHome, because the staff chooses works that they look to for an #artescape, moment of zen or inspiration.

Art Shots are another cool and innovative facet of #BMAfromHome. Each week a different Birmingham Museum of Art curator brings a mini-exhibition together from the museum’s collection works.

Bonus: Digital Asian Art Initiative

Teachers now have an awesome set of resources to use in their curriculum. “Culture Bridge: eLearning Across Asia” launched early due to COVID-19, in an effort to assist teachers and students learning remotely.

A really neat part of the initiative is educators can filter the material by grade level, region art and resource type. You can also access lesson plans with materials to teach students about Asian culture.

Integrating visual art

If you’ve never seen the collection of Asian art at the Birmingham Museum of Art, it’s truly expansive and interesting. It’s easy to spend all day in one exhibit and now you’re able to access all of it from home!

Virtual visitors have the opportunity to learn about China, Japan, Korea, India, the Himalayas, and other countries across South and Southeast Asia.

Tools include:

  • Educational videos and quizzes
  • Art activities, such as coloring sheets
  • Interactive images

Since the museum worked together with a team of local teachers to ensure that the material aligned with current curriculum standards and classroom needs, you know you’re getting a valuable resource.

Art keeps our community together

Art museums have always been a kind of home to me. I grew up visiting them across the country, I’ve had first (and last) dates at the Birmingham Museum of Art and gone many times by myself just to reflect when life became, well, life.

They’re a safe haven, and one of the best parts about the Birmingham Museum of Art is it’s free and inclusive to everyone. I don’t want that feeling to ever go away in our city. So, that’s why it’s so important, now more than ever, we ensure it doesn’t. Keep art alive an make a donation today.

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Birmingham Museum of Art #BMAfromHome empowers art lovers to learn, create + explore virtually
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