Birmingham tops Atlanta, Dallas on award-winning tech company’s list of best cities for new grads

Birmingham post-grad
Two Bham Nowers graduated from UAB and chose to stay Birmingham and many more across the country decide to move here after graduation. Photo via UAB’s Facebook.

Birmingham stays winning—it’s just a fact people. From the best hospitals to tastiest eats, people are taking notice, especially post-grads. Although COVID-19 grads will step into the workforce during an uncertain time, we want to make sure they know the best city to start or continue their future.

Here’s how we did (hint: pretty great)

best cities for college grads Birmingham tops Atlanta, Dallas on award-winning tech company's list of best cities for new grads

Birmingham ranked 10 out of the 115 analyzed on the list for Best Cities for College Grads—not too shabby, eh? Much of the Bham Now team are recent college grads who chose to move here, so we can attest it’s true (although we would’ve placed Birmingham #1).

What did they like about us?

Birmingham post-grad
C’mon, you can’t beat Birmingham bars. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.

That ranking includes:

  • The fifth-lowest median monthly rent in the study, at $619
  • Yelp rating of 4.08 for restaurants
  • Yelp rating of 3.96 for bars

Thinking about moving to Birmingham? We got you covered!

A little about smartasset

The award-winning technology company is headquartered in New York City. It uses financial modeling to give advice on major financial decisions—hence why they put out a list for best post-grad cities. This is SmartAsset’s sixth study on the best cities for new college grads.

How they examined the data

To find the best cities for new college graduates, smartasset examined data for the 115 largest U.S. cities across three categories that included 10 individual metrics:

  • Jobs
  • Affordability
  • Fun—Bham Now definitely has you covered here.

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