4 ways kids are cheering on healthcare workers in Birmingham

healthcare workers in Birmingham
Dr. Terri Poe has a huge smile on her face thanks to these letters from Birmingham-area children. Photo via UAB

Kids throughout Birmingham are sending letters of encouragement to healthcare workers at UAB to cheer them on as they battle the coronavirus pandemic. Terri Poe, RN, and Chief Nursing Officer at UAB, shared these letters with encouraging and supportive messages.

1. A Reason to Smile

Letters to healthcare workers in Birmingham
“This letter is NOT sealed with saliva.” Photo via UAB

Children are showing appreciation for their heroes as they work to protect the lives of others. The letters were sealed with witty messages such as “this letter is NOT sealed with saliva” that surely put a smile on the faces of these hardworking individuals. 

In their notes, kids said they know they have to stay inside as it’s the quickest way for these providers to be able to return home to their families.

2. Words of Encouragement

Letters from Birmingham-area children to healthcare workers
No, these aren’t for Santa. They’re for UAB healthcare workers. Photo via UAB

Other letters included motivating words that read “Dear doctors and nurses, you are rockstars!” “Keep going,” and “Stay strong.” Poe stated that support from around the community has been excellent. She and her fellow staff have been provided with help ranging from simple messages of encouragement to receiving meals from across the community. 

With advice such as “Keep up your spirits with music and laughter,” these kids are sharing messages that can help everyone in the community get through this difficult time. 

3. A Calming Message

Letters for Birmingham healthcare workers
We are praying for you all. Photo via UAB

With the overwhelming conditions that have been brought on by the global pandemic, kids have found a way to ease the minds of these nurses. In times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to have a little light that provides optimism. 

Even children have found a way to provide peace of mind. The powerful message that these kids are sending has vastly helped in cheering on healthcare workers, giving them the motivation they need to keep going.

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