Read this Birmingham 6th grader’s heart-warming “ode to essential workers”

IMG 5020 Read this Birmingham 6th grader's heart-warming "ode to essential workers"
Sign outside of St. Vincent Hospital. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Essential workers are all heroes right now. They are getting up and doing their jobs despite facing so many dangers and risks—all because we need them.

A local 6th grader at Birmingham’s Highlands School wrote a poem, “An Ode to Essential Workers,” and it’s a must-read. Keep reading if you need a smile, and make sure to share this with the essential workers in your life.


Written by Aarvi Shah

Who knew 
the world would 
Change overnight.
Who knew 
the importance
of these people.
In the garden of earth
Essential workers 
being the water.
As They nourish 
the plants
Known as life.

In a hospital
deserving standing ovation.
Pharmacists in Walgreens
& Cashiers of Walmart  
risking their lives.
The grocer
In Publix
keeping us stocked.
The UPS guy
Becomes best friend
Delivering the package.
The statistician 
Begging us 
to flatten the curve.

Healthcare Read this Birmingham 6th grader's heart-warming "ode to essential workers"
We are SO thankful for our local essential workers. Photo via Cynthia Weyerman

Working overnight
So students can learn.  
A nurse
Without a mask
Being savior of the world.  
A Dentist
Easing the toothache
Without face shield
A Cook in restaurant
So we can
do takeout for the family
A Lab Technician
Touching the vials
To confirm the infection

A Banker 
still exchanging cash (and germs)
so economy is not crashed
The Cops
Roaming the streets
Enforcing the law and keeping us safe
The Fireman
Still pulling in 
An unknown driveway
The Ambulance worker
Doing CPR on someone
Who might be already infected.
The technicians
Making sure our lifelines-
The Internet and Utilities are not down
A scientist 
Working overtime 
To cure diseases.

Brookwood cover NICU Read this Birmingham 6th grader's heart-warming "ode to essential workers"
Healthcare workers are heroes 24/7, but even more so right now. Photo via Brookwood Baptist Health

A Doctor
Operating with no supply  
so that pain will be no more.
An essential worker   
like a God,
Protecting us,
Feeding us,
Teaching us,
Curing us.
No matter –
poor conditions,
limited supplies,
long hours.
In times of tragedy  
They are 
Still helping.
In times of worry 
In times of stress  
They are the front-liners.

Who Knew
They did
SO much
Who Knew
That without them
Our world will
Not thrive.
Becoming an 
Essential Worker,
Gives Honor
And it gives
It means 
Working hard.
It means
Working overtime.

Birmingham, chalk art, Chalk The Walk, Chalk Your Walk
We could all use a lot of hope right now. Photo via Lee Kathryn McAnally

When you see one
Tell them thanks
Or Give them 
a virtual hug
Or in the least
Be patient
Even though without them-  
Our society will not flourish,
They are still

So, this is my Ode
To all essential workers.  
So, This is my Ode
To Krupamasi(aunt),
Who is Pharmacist
To Priteshkaka(uncle),
Who has a community store
To Tejalmasi(aunt),
Who is a teacher
To way too many to name uncles & aunts,
Who are doctors and surgeons

90780134 10222795006726903 1670114796306956288 n Read this Birmingham 6th grader's heart-warming "ode to essential workers"
A BIG thank you to healthcare workers and other essential workers keeping Birmingham safe and strong. Photo via Bham Face Masks.

To Ms. Carly & M.A.s & Nurses & Receptionists,
Who run our clinics
To all the volunteers,
Who swab the COVID patients
To all the donors,
Who give and give and give
To all my teachers, 
Who taught me how to write
To my Dad,
Who is a Surgeon
To my Mom, 
Who started going to clinic to help
To all unsung Heroes,
I might have forgotten
So yes, this is
My Ode to you all!


aarvi shah poem essential workers Read this Birmingham 6th grader's heart-warming "ode to essential workers"

“I am Aarvi Shah. I am 12 years old and I am 6th Grader at Highlands School. My dad is an Orthopedic Surgeon and my mom owns and manages the medical clinics. We have been discussing in our family about the effect of lockdown and what it means for people who have to work.

I was given an assignment to write Ode in my language class and for the whole last month, we have talked a lot about CoronaVirus and all things happening around us. So I asked my teacher if I could write my Ode to Essential Workers instead of a specific person. I am grateful for all the people who are working and helping the society.”

Do you know an essential worker in Birmingham? Send this to them and make their day. ❤️

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