Local food trucks are rolling their way to YOUR neighborhood—find out where

Service with a smile—we could all use some positivity right now.Photo via Rodney Scott’s Facebook.

It’s just like the ice cream man when you were a kid, except this time the truck is filled with tacos, hot chicken and all your local Birmingham food truck favorites. Maybe there are some perks to this social distancing thing after all?

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BUT first, an ode to food trucks:

Oh yeah, they have wheels now. Photo via Little Donkey ‘s Facebook.

“Food trucks are one of humanity’s best ideas. I had my first açaí bowl at a food truck that came out to the Brook Highland neighborhood Memorial Day kickoff.

Life-changing. I think if I were to write a verse of ‘My Favorite Things’ a la Julie Andrews, food trucks would definitely be in there.”

Sheila McCallum, content producer, food truck extraordinaire

It’s no secret we love food trucks on this team—did you see 7 food trucks offering curbside delivery and takeout?

Rodney Scott’s BBQ

The restaurant is going mobile to bring BBQ to your neck of the woods. Rodney’s Scott’s is scheduling neighborhood deliveries for pre-ordered meals from the “Family Meals” and “Family Reunions” portion of their menu.

Call or email the order by 2PM on the day of your neighborhood delivery to place and order.

Neighborhood Drop Schedule at 4:30:

  • Monday: Cotswolds
  • Tuesday: Stockton (Trussville)
  • Wednesday: Brook Highland
  • Thursday: Ross Bridge
  • Friday: Carrington Lakes- Trussville
  • Saturday: Ross Bridge
    South shades crest- YMCA drop off
  • Sunday: Chelsea Park

Little Donkey

Update: Little Donkey has wheels! Pre-order for the entire fam from Little Donkey by calling to order one of the family packs by 11AM on the day they’re scheduled to deliver to your neighborhood.

P.S. If you don’t see your neighborhood on the list send Little Donkey a DM on Insta and they’ll add it to their route in the future.

Neighborhood Drop Schedule:

  • Wednesday: Mt Laurel 3PM | Highland Lakes 4:30PM
  • Thursday: Greystone 3PM | Eagle Point 4PM | Ross Bridge 4PM
  • Friday: Cotswold/Liberty Park 4PM
  • Saturday: Chelsea Park 3PM | Ross Bridge 4PM
  • Sunday: Brook Highland 3PM | Mt. Laurel 3PM | Shoal Creek 4PM

Cheezin In Bham

Cheese, the nations great equalizer (except if you’re lactose intolerant). Cheezin is making its way to local neighborhoods such as Longmeadow, Carrington Lakes and Stockton. The best way to know where they’ll be next? Follow their Instagram!

City Bowls

Acai you love City Bowls just as much as me. Keep up with the team on their social channels to see which neighborhood you’ll see them in next like Ross Bridge or Carrington Lakes.

Eugene’s Hot Chicken

One you may already know about, but we’re here to remind you that Eugene’s Hot Chicken makes its rounds through Birmingham neighborhoods such as Brook Highland, Lake Wilborn, Bluff Park and more!

Keep up with the team on Instagram to see where they’ll be each night.

But wait! There’s more

The only thing I like more than talking about food is eating it, so let’s take a look at what else is happening on wheels in the restaurant world.

Bonus: be on the lookout for OHenry’s!

No, this isn’t a dream Lorelai and Rory Gilmore thought up in Luke’s Diner. OHenry’s caffine cruiser (my name, not theirs) will bring all your OHenry’s favorites right to your door when you pre-oder.

FIVE’s food truck is offering FREE lunches

Yep, you read that right. Five’s food truck has been teaming up with American Lunch and heading to Linn Park and other Birmingham locations to serve their superb meals 100% free of charge. Can we get claps all around?

Oh, and did you know Iron City Pizza Co. now offers delivery? *high five*

In addition to using GrubHub, Waitr, Doordash and The Take-out Bham Iron City Pizza will now be personally delivering hot slices straight to your doorstep Friday and Saturday night from 5-9PM. Call to place your orders.

NEW make-your-own-pizza-bagel kits from Homewood Bagel Company

If you prefer pizza rolls over pizza bagels I’m not sure we can be friends. Except if you agree that these new kits are adorable, awesome and amazing for family dinners. You also get free chalk with every pizza purchase so get ready to have your afternoon plans set.

Many of these businesses were pulled from our fabulous database featuring nearly 400 local businesses! Sign up your Birmingham business and be featured on Bham Now for FREE.

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