Vulcan Park & Museum offers hope to Birmingham with special unity light show

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Birmingham, Vulcan Park and Museum, coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, Vulcan, unity light show
Vulcan offers hope during unity light show. Photo via @visitvulcan on Instagram

Have you seen Vulcan recently? Then you may have noticed he looks a bit different. Read on to find out what he’s up to and why.

As we slowly make our way through week three of social distancing, you may be feeling a number of emotions—boredom, frustration, uncertainty. All are completely normal for this not-so-normal time we are experiencing.

But hey, we are all in this thing together. No matter how many feet we are required to distance ourselves from each other.

Now guess who is also in our corner. Everyone’s favorite statue—Vulcan.

Every night, beginning at dusk, Vulcan Park and Museum will feature a special unity light show in an effort to show they stand in solidarity with the Birmingham community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lights of Hope

Birmingham, Vulcan Park and Museum, coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, Vulcan, unity light show
Photo via @visitvulcan on Instagram

During the light show, Vulcan’s pedestal will remain dark, while he himself will glow in white lights. Why white? To share a message of hope with those in Birmingham.

Vulcan Park & Museum President and CEO Darlene Negrotto hopes the focus on Vulcan is a reminder of his symbolic importance for many generations.

“Vulcan stands a constant reminder of who we were, who we are and who we will be,” Negrotto said. “The stories of members in our community helping each other in wake of this adversity can serve as an inspiration for us all.  It is our hope that the lighting of Vulcan will inspire others to join us in the spirit of community.”

Vulcan will remain in lights until further notice.

Vulcan Park and Museum Update

The Vulcan Center in Birmingham, AL. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum’s Facebook page

Wondering if Vulcan Park and Museum is open during all this social distancing? Here’s an update:

  • Park grounds, including Kiwanis Centennial Plaza, are open daily from 8AM-8PM, free of charge.
  • Vulcan Center, The Anvil and Vulcan’s Observation Tower are closed until further notice
  • Picnic areas are temporarily closed. Tables and chairs on the overlook have been removed. Handrails and branches are sanitized daily.
  • All student and adult programs have been canceled.

For updates on Vulcan Park and Museum, follow them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What do you think of Vulcan Park and Museum’s special unity light show? Does Vulcan’s white lights bring you hope?

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