12 Birmingham social distancing memes that will make you chuckle

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Birmingham, cats
Quarantining with pets. Photo by Patience Itson for Bham Now

As the days of social distancing drag on, you could probably use something to lighten your mood. Here are some posts from locals around Birmingham that are sure to make you laugh.

Because we should take a cue from cows

MOOOOOve over! The cows know how to do it. Why don’t people?

Because cats always lighten the mood

Let’s be real. Cats own any space they occupy. And we love them for it.

I say it every day—I wish I were a cat. They are truly living the dream.

Not gonna lie, I do this even when I’m not quarantined.

The Rules of Quarantine

Just looking at this makes me want to touch my face from anxiety.

So far I’ve mostly been occupying my living room and bedroom. If I venture into the man cave, you know things have reached a new level of weird.

The look you give when someone coughs near you.

When social distancing gets a little too weird

If this is day four, imagine what they are doing on day 10.

Fight the urge to cut your hair during quarantine. This could be you.

Anyone else feeling like these nuggets after too much social distancing?

That TP though

Wow, Beast. You can’t even spare a square?!

Birmingham, cats
Hey, where’s the TP? Photo via Jeff Moore

No TP left in stock. Cat loses favorite toy.

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