Help Birmingham service industry workers and tip online

queenspark Help Birmingham service industry workers and tip online
Support Birmingham service industry workers like the wonderful team at Queen’s Park! Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Supporting the Birmingham service industry just got SO much easier. Now, after you finish a meal or make yourself a drink at home, you can send service industry workers a tip online. Find out more about the service and how to add your info if you work in the Birmingham service industry. 

Servers, bartenders and more who work in Birmingham’s service industry are being hit hard right now. Due to social distancing and being limited to takeout or curbside service, many workers aren’t sure if they’ll have a reliable source of income for months.

We’ve shared multiple ways to support them including curbside pickup and ordering to-go, but now there’s an easier way to give directly to workers without ever leaving your home. 

Tip Birmingham’s Service Industry Online 

allie smith brgwEMRacF4 unsplash Help Birmingham service industry workers and tip online
Do you usually throw a couple of dollars in the tip jar at a coffee shop or bar? Send it to them online instead!

We discovered a site developed in Chattanooga that makes tipping workers so easy. Whether you can give big or small, any amount makes a difference and will show our local industry folks how much we appreciate them. 

How it Works

  • Visit the site
  • Select Birmingham 
  • Tip the local service worker directly via Venmo or Cash App
  • Refresh the site to randomly generate a new person to support

Currently, you can tip to service industry workers in more than 30 cities across the US, including Birmingham. The service is completely free, and they do not collect any of your data. 

Do you work in the Birmingham service industry? Add your info to their database to get tips.

IMG 1604 Help Birmingham service industry workers and tip online
Support amazing teams like Birmingham’s Hattie B’s staff. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

The form is super simple. You only need to add:

  • Your name
  • Your Venmo or Cash App username
  • Where you work
  • Choose Yes or No to receive tips from the site

You can add your info to their database here

We are #BhamStrong

Birmingham, Alabama, Newcomers' guide to Birmingham, Rotary Trail, Magic City Sign
Rotary Trail, downtown Birmingham. Photo via Ryan Nelson (@iryannelson) on Instagram

No matter what you can give, every little bit helps. We know that this will not solve all of their problems, but it will show these incredible people that someone cares. Birmingham’s food and drink scene is one of a kind, and the people who have been serving us need our help. 

Let’s show them what #BhamStrong means.

Know someone who works in Birmingham’s service industry? Make sure to share this with them so they can get online tips too.

Are you a local restaurant, bar or other Birmingham business? Make sure you have added your info to our business database so we can include you in our next guide or update!

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