9 Birmingham Twitter accounts to follow right now.

IMG 3737 9 Birmingham Twitter accounts to follow right now.
Content producer Chaise Sanders stepping up her Twitter game. *insert emoji with sunglasses on* Photo via Bham Now.

You keep up with Birmingham on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. But, who are you following on Twitter? We’ve got some suggestions, and we want to hear yours too!

1. Foodie in Birmingham

Of course, I’m putting a food account at the top of this list. @BhamFoodie takes followers through the best eats in Birmingham. The account also shares articles, links and other tweets about restaurants so you’re getting the low-down on allll the best spots.

  • Why you should follow: Need food recommendations or looking for a specific dish—like fried eggplant? Just tweet @BhamFoodie.
  • @BhamFoodie

2. Mayor Woodfin

Whenever we get a retweet from Mayor Woodfin, Bham Now feels pretty special. You’ll never miss the biggest and freshest Birmingham news ranging, from the tech industry to important events you NEED to know about.

  • Why you should follow: Other than the fact he’s our mayor, Mayor Woodfin consistently lets his followers know about new laws, policies and more.
  • @randallwoodfin

3. Sidewalk Film

So much is going on at Sidewalk between its festivals and various screenings it can be hard to keep up with everything going on at Sidewalk. I’ve been thoroughly upset when I realize I missed a movie I really wanted to see. Luckily, its Twitter is not only funny, but it also hosts discussions where you can participate and learn about the film industry.

  • Why you should follow: Sidewalk is awesome and makes Birmingham one of the coolest cities around. Stay up to date on special parties, events and screenings.
  • @sidewalkfilm

4. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute’s Twitter is a great resource for not only knowing what’s going on at the museum, but for interesting facts and a news source of Birmingham updates.

  • Why you should follow: Don’t miss world events and international days celebrated at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.
  • @bhamcivilrights

5. Frank Stitt

We support any and all things local in Birmingham, especially when it comes to business owners. Frank Stitt owns two staples in the Birmingham culinary community, Highlands Bar and Grill and Chez Fon Fon.

  • Why you should follow: For all my fellow foodies— you’ll see lots of other interesting publications and chefs retweeted on Frank’s account.
  • @FrankStitt

6. Birmingham Museum of Art

Birmingham’s art scene is constantly popping off—including renowned artists’ work visiting the Birmingham Museum of Art. The account tweets nearly every day and stays consistent in letting you know what’s happening at the museum.

  • Why you should follow: Stay in the loop about special events, like Art after 5, and interesting artists on display.
  • @bhammuseum

7. Randall Porter

You’ve definitely seen this stylish guy on our Now the Weekends killing the intros. He’s always bopping around town, and if you like Mariah Carey you’ll definitely love the majority of his tweets.

  • Why you should follow: Stay up to date on Birmingham’s most happening events and get your Mariah Carey fan fix for the day.
  • @RandallPorter

8. REV Birmingham

For those unfamiliar, REV Birmingham is where local startups are born into successful businesses. The nonprofit does a whole lot to ensure the city of Birmingham stays a more vibrant place, including hosting The Big Pitch

  • Why you should follow: Like us, they believe Birmingham is AWESOME. You can catch them tweeting about all good all the time and hear the latest on your favorite local businesses.
  • @REVbham

9. Bham Now

Not even going to apologize for this shameless plug—who’s going to keep you more informed about everything happening in Birmingham than us? From events and weather to new restaurants, important city updates and more, we have our followers covered. We kind of like to think we’re pretty funny too.

  • Why you should follow: Let’s face it, Twitter can be filled with negativity. Take a break and scroll through our account for all amazing things happening in your city. Plus, you’ll find little gems on this account you won’t find on our other socials.
  • @now_bham

Let’s keep adding to the guide, what are your favorite Birmingham Twitter accounts? Tweet at us @now_bham!

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